Best Practice

By becoming a Member and joining a Community Partnership you will be able to have a small team of your people develop implementation action plans for improvement in a holistic way and have the opportunity to save on time and dollars as well. Confidentiality protected by Benchmarking Code of Conduct.

Key inclusive Features of a Community of BEST Practice Partnership on a topic of your strategic need:

  • Participate in developing an industry Organisational Maturity Framework (OMF) for your topic
  • Benchmarked organisational capability assessment and quantified gap analysis report relative to the OMF plus CD Rom of graphics and results
  • Wider networking opportunities through regular contact with community partners, a wide range of different workshops with like-minded participants and topic experts
  • Learning from outside the community Members across a variety of industries tailored to closing your specific gaps / needs with think-tank mentoring by community Members and stewardship by Benchmarking Partnerships
  • Facilitation of your scope / learning needs and training of up to 10 of your people
  • Workshop with keynote speakers on BEST practices and facilitated ideas harvesting focused on HOW to address major gap areas as defined by Members following data collection and analysis – up to 5 people can attend from each Member organisation for no extra charge
  • At least 4 networking workshops / site visit days for 5 of your people, including special partners for you to discuss / visit to suit your specific learning needs
  • Significant $ savings through joining the community partnership membership
  • New Implementation Action Planning workshop feature
  • 15% discount options to extend your organisation’s benefits eg in-house facilitation by Benchmarking Partnerships on issue identification and implementation action planning
  • Quicker start-up as only a few formal partners required
  • Receive presentation materials and notes from all that topic’s Community activities (workshops and site visits) irrespective of whether you are able to attend
  • Partner fee lasts for 12 months and is inclusive of above
  • Build up credits towards Membership of a Community by attending relevant workshops
  • Pursue your benchmarking improvement journey with partner Member organisations that regularly network with a range of other organisations, industry leaders and experts
  • Includes special public one-day workshop for you to host focused on Benchmarking Partnerships attracting speakers / experts to help you resolve your learning needs / issues - hosting means providing the venue and facilities + catering and you can have up to 8 of your people attend as you wish. Opportunity for you to internalise and adapt the findings to your organisation’s culture
  • Participate in an optional re-measure following adoption of outstanding practices to validate the improvement.

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