Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships

One Stop Business Performance Improvement Resource via the Web


the most comprehensive and informative website
worldwide on benchmarking, best practices,
performance management, business excellence, and
general performance improvement.

  • Benchmarking made easy
  • Benefits both individuals and organisations
  • Easy to view
  • Provides information quickly
  • Information on every dimension
    of performance all in one place
  • Real web-based accessibility
  • Content and research directed
    by the real issues in business
    from around the world
  • Latest thinking/research into
    organisational performance
  • Information classified by
    business excellence models:
    Baldrige, EFQM, and others
  • The essential first-stop resource
    for any organisation serious
    about performance improvement

Nowhere on the web or elsewhere is there a resource that provides the depth and range of performance and improvement information as provided by Benchmarking Partnerships. This information is a must for organisations that are looking to achieve best practice performance.

Learn how to achieve:

  • Higher productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher growth
  • Improved employee relationships

Given the global economy, your business needs to be improving towards world-class standards even if you are not exporting, as you need to be globally competitive in order to stave off international competition.

“Fast-growth companies who used a benchmarking database to measure business performance against their peers achieved 69% faster growth and 45% greater productivity over those who did not”.
PricewaterhouseCoopers 2002 "Trendsetter Barometer"

We at Benchmarking Partnerships can now deliver a website resource that can help your business immediately improve its performance. Designed for businesses who are serious about maximising their potential. The resource provides best practice information on all key areas that need to be optimised if your organisation is to become successful, no matter what the size, the industry, or role it plays in the business community.

IMPROVEMENT CYCLE – used to select your data needs from the database


Select area for improvement

  1. Self assessment

Measure performance

  1. Measures, benchmarks and trends

Benchmark performance

  1. Competitor analysis

Identify a relevant improvement approach or strategy

  1. Strategies tools and techniques

Learn how to Implement

  1. Expert opinion
  2. Best practice case studies
  3. Management briefs

Identify best practice organisations

  1. Award winners



Research further information

  1. Research reports
  2. Business periodicals
  3. Research register
  4. Website reviews
  5. Forums
  6. Partner product spotlight

Implement best practice approach

  1. Implement strategies, tools and techniques within your organisation

Review and calibrate

  1. Measures, benchmarks and trends

Network with peers globally

  1. Interactive networking

Go to 1

  1. Continuous improvement through benchmarking


The NEW networking suite is currently being rolled out stage by stage. It's not like any other network you may be part of; its more... You will be able to tap into a business improvement community that consists of over 10,000 users. What you can do:

  • Networking - build a profile, search those of others, and communicate
  • Project collaboration - post requests for one-on-one help, benchmarking, focus groups, partnerships, and more.
  • Best practice awards - upload your best practices and share them with your colleagues, professional body, or the wider BPIR community. Regular award for best 'best' practice uploaded
  • Organisation profile - make your organisation visible in the community, highlight products/services, management/ improvement tools in use and their effectiveness, and search those of others.
  • Forums - topics forums, private project forums, and general business improvement forums.
  • Suggestion schemes (coming soon) - online tools for use by member organisations and partners

Wide range of information
Information available represents all of the key areas needed to succeed as an organisation. Help in measuring, performance, descriptions of how other successful organisations around the world (competitors and non-competitors) measure, manage, and improve their performance, and thousands of fascinating and engrossing articles on all aspects of business.

Input from centres of expertise
Information in the resource has come from a variety of acknowledged centres of expertise. These include the Centre for Business Performance, Emerald, Global Benchmarking Network, and the resources own research centre.

Information from all around the world
Span geographic, linguistic, and racial boundaries when studying the practices of others. Hundreds of case studies from award winning organisations in more than 20 different countries including thousands of full-text articles from areas such as the UK, Europe, N & S America, Australasia, South Africa, Japan, and S.E.Asia.

Simple to use!
Find relevant and appropriate information in seconds. Let our easy to use databases do the work for you. Simply select your favourite model, go to a specific area of interest and if we have the information it will be there. Provide access for all your staff, or members if you are a peak body, and empower them to effectively contribute towards improving all of your organisation’s systems and processes.

Understand how and why to measure. The resource contains a growing database of measures (nearly a 1000) with associated formulae and descriptions, many with detailed commentary.

Compare your performance against that of other successful organisations. Access a growing database of generic individual, industry average, and world-class benchmarks (over 600 at present) on all areas of performance with links to full case studies.

Performance improvement tools / techniques
Improve and manage your organisation's performance. Read how competitors and others have achieved dramatic increases in performance. Access a growing database of generic best practice management and improvement techniques/activities usable in all areas of performance. Suggestions on how to implement, and links to full case studies and articles from all locations and industries.

Best practice case studies
Understand and transfer the best practices of others into your organisation. Contains a growing database of generic best practices (nearly 1500 at present).

Full access to 600 business periodicals
Keep up to date with current happenings and ideas, an invaluable resource for business environment scans and more focused study. Read your favourite journals, or carry out your own research. Full on-line access to current/past contents of over 600 business journals/periodicals covering most generic aspects of business - that’s over 200,000 articles!

Why spend time re-inventing the wheel when you can learn from the experience of others!

Examples of current network licences include:

  • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, UAE – access to 1000 individuals
  • New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation, NZ – access to over 300 organisations
  • British Quality Foundation, UK – access to over 1,500 organisations
  • Quality Scotland, UK – access to over 400 organisations
  • Best Practice Club, UK – access to over 200 organisations
  • Institute of Customer Service, UK – access to over 300 organisations
  • SPRING Singapore – access to over 600 organisations
  • National Quality Institute, Canada – access to over 500 organisations

Costs are negotiable depending on needs, as a guide:

  • Individual memberships (Fee @ AU$135 per annum, +GST where applicable)
  • Site memberships (Fee from @ AU$383 to more than AU$5,000 per annum, +GST where applicable. Enables all staff at an organisational site to have access)
  • Network licences (Fee from @ AU$20,000 to AU$100,000’s per annum, +GST where applicable. Enables a group of organisations to have access)

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