Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships: BEST Practice and Benchmark Excellence Workshops


Benchmarking Partnerships(BP) has global reach and influence to design, deliver, manage and facilitate knowledge exchange of best practices with a specific theme on a local level(within your country or region)or international(global wide). These Communities of Practice(CoP) can be industry based, sector based, or generic(blend of best practice public, private and not for profit organisations). They can also be an on-going annual network or a project CoP with a specific outcome at a specific time.

Why don’t you give us call or email us with your requirements(see below). We’d be very happy to share our international experiences across a wide variety of local and international  CoP’s and package a proposal to suit your needs. We also have a wide variety or referees. Benchmarking Partnerships is also on the board of the Global Benchmarking Network(GBN), so we can support you with our partners in your local country of region for others needs.

We can serve your CoP in a number of ways from the full rigor of designing a custom specific CoP from scratch where we broker partners, manage, and facilitate the knowledge exchange, collate, analyse benchmarks and report strengths & opportunities and then guide best known practice value-add processes into your organisation, through to the low rigor strategic advice support option. Some of the interventions where Benchmarking Partnerships(BP) may be able to assist you include:

  1. Designed from a sponsor, fully developed, managed and facilitated by BP
  2. Sponsor for development, steering committee managed by BP, local admin and project mgt, and facilitated locally by our on the ground partners or by BP at key steps
  3. Strategic remote support and mentoring
  4. Brokering of partners/knowledge for specific needs, managed and facilitated locally
  5. Extensions of wider GBN involvement for large CoP’s where there might be joint sponsors

Some recent CoP’s include:

  • Innovation
  • Customer Services
  • Results from Business Excellence
  • Sustainable Benchmarking

Results & Outcomes from CoP's include:

Results & Outcomes

Upon receipt of your enquiry to know more about CoP’s for you, we can send you example CoP processes and an outline benchmarking strategy for your CoP to suit your needs.

Contact us for more information:

Anton Benc ph +61 409145033, Bruce Searles +61 418267794

Email: anton@benchmarkingpartnerships.com.au, or bruce@benchmarkingpartnerships.com.au