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Human Resources: Expert opinion based on Global Best Practices

Human resources are the most important resource for any organisation – by Bruce Searles and Anton Benc, Managing Partners, Benchmarking Partnerships.

Anton Benc
  Bruce Searles
Anton Benc
  Bruce Searles

Harnessing peoples’ creativity and knowledge whilst engaging their enthusiasm, resourcefulness and participation is fundamental to improving performance. Much of the organisation’s intellectual and relational capital also stems from its people.

In many countries there is as much competition between organisations for good human resources as there is for high value customers.

Humans are the most important link in the value chain to producing excellent customer services and products that are competitive. Our people develop and retain much of our knowledge capital and are capable of generating creative ideas for innovation.

We at Benchmarking Partnerships and our international network of partners enable you access to over 50,000 people across the Globe to find best practices for innovation and sustainable improvement by you learning from what others do. We also conduct very practical training programs including human resource management, leadership, internal communications and customer centricity.

Our research for sponsored projects and facilitation during training is based on current best practices across the Globe, which we are continually updating. For instance, we are current leading the completion of an extensive study into the responses to Global Megatrends up until the year 2030.

Some examples of best practice topics/areas and insights stemming across human resource management that are in demand and included in our customised training programs are as follows:

Sometimes when we look at Business Excellence we look at the Framework and overlook the underlying Principles. The Principles interact as part of a system and may relate to:

  • Organisational Performance
  • Leadership
  •  Customers and Market Focus – Key Stakeholders and Partners
  • Systems Thinking
  • Knowledge and Information
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility
  • People The most important resource is people. You should develop & value people’s capability & realise their skills, resourcefulness & creativity to change & improve the organisation.

Air traffic controllers
These Air Traffic Controllers know how to perform – keep the people safe (aeroplanes separated) and to hand over well to the next controller at the end of their shift.

Our People can manage and coach a football team to win matches and for players to learn and enjoy the game – we should support them in doing the same at work. Yet at work we tend to constrain their talents and skills. Let people understand their key role and where they fit in the organisation.

  • Help your people to develop their own one-page strategic plan that aligns to the organisation’s vision and direction and operational needs. This can be their performance plan – have a look at an example one page plan template at HERE
  • Help your people to understand their critical few key performance indicators and their role in helping others within and outside their immediate team.
  • Promote the concept of the internal customer and give your internal people line of sight to the external customers’ needs (If you are not serving a customer than you should be serving someone who is). This is the concept of Customer Centricity.
  • Promote a few key Values in the way you want your people to behave – and lead your people by committing to these values too in the way you behave – some example key values are shown below.

Core value

  • And most importantly, recognise and reward people for their efforts to reinforce their contribution to the Vision, the Performance Results and the Values– the recognition they want is not necessarily financial.
  •  Also you must have good Internal Communications that is well thought out and answers your people’s ‘What’s in it for me?” – HERE
  • Make sure that your people have the capability to do their job well, and the capability to improve their work - see the Nine Pillars for Best Practice building with our in-house programs

Doing the few simple things above will make your organisation an exciting place to work and will greatly improve your organisation’s performance:


Lead well

Engage your people

So they understand their contribution

Then they will recruit good employees and good customers for you

They will enjoy their work

They will perform well, and

Challenge the status quo, and

Implement innovative solutions

To enhance your competitiveness and your customer services, and

Your long term sustainability

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