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What have you got that is essential but NOT included in your balance sheet/budget?

  1. Highlight the hidden factors that would improve your results
  2. Understand how these hidden factors impact on each other and on what you know already
  3. What Key Performance Indicators, anecdotes and stories have you developed to highlight the importance of your intangible assets?
  4. How attractive is your organisation to an investor, as an employer, as a supplier or partner or as part of the community?
  5. How well are you able to identify and communicate the risks and opportunities that your business faces?

An intellectual Capital Statement (ICS) helps you answer these questions. It is a strategic management tool for assessing the Intellectual Capital (IC) in an organisation. It shows how IC is linked to corporate goals, business processes and the sustainable business success of an organisation using indicators to measure these elements.

This English version of the ICS Assessment tool with its assessment methodology combines the best of what has been available world-wide and has until now only been available in German. The ICS method has been tested in about 1000 large, medium and small businesses across Germany and has become part of the annual reporting and improvement activities. You can be one of the first to use this tool outside of Germany to improve the value of your organisation.

‘’Know-how and knowledge are prerequisites for innovations.  The subjects of knowledge, knowledge management and soft issues are of exceptional importance for the German economy. "Joachim Otto, Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Federal Minister for Economy and Technology


ICS from Germany

Those organisations that have taken part in the facilitated workshop assessment process have found that they were able to identify the ‘Soft Issues’, gain a deeper understanding of the business and have a decision making aid for management, which serves as an early warning system. There is also a positive motivation for the teams involved, which is carried forward to the every day working within the organisation.


‘’Knowledge assets determine success or failure, but you will search in vain to find them in a company‘s books.“
Thomas A. Steward, Former-Editor Fortune, Author of the book: The New Wealth of Organizations 

"Germany has one of the best methods for ICS reporting world-wide."
 Prof. Leif Edvinsson, Pioneer in IC and First IC Director World-wide at Skandia ( global insurance company that pioneered the approach to ICS)

Actions you can take - Options include an in-house “taster” workshop, facilitation of your own ICS assessment, or a hosted public workshop to engage discussions with people from other organisations. This is a tailored service that will be developed and priced to meet your specific needs.

Contact us for further information – we can arrange a discussion with ICS expert Dr. Peter Heisig who was involved in the development of the assessment methodology and tools. He has also as facilitated many assessments in German organisations.

Contact Details:-
Dr Peter Heisig (Global ICS Expert)
Bruce Searles or Anton Benc (Australia/Asia-Pacific)
Terry Pilcher (United Kingdom/Europe)


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