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Having the Right KPIs for Your Organisation – One Page Brief


  • Many organisations struggle to identify, select and implement the right, few key and meaningful  KPI for their business. When they think they have the right mix, there is often lack of strategic alignment, connection between measures and business ownership
  • This program is pitched for executives, business units, teams and/or individuals searching for the right KPI’s in their business or for special projects, both in quality and quantity, that are strategic, measureable, meaningful and relevant for your business – to enable decision making regarding operations and strategy deployment


  • Knowing the KPI’s are the right mix and type for your business/project/ process / organisation / team
  • Each team and person knowing when they have done a good day’s work and how they value-add to others
  • Practical integration with performance management, recognition and strategic techniques for buy-in

How it works

  • Systems thinking using systems modelling- to create the strategic alignment, and connectiveness of your business/project with processes, relationships, inputs, outputs, outcomes and customers/stakeholders. High level KPIs are determined for your area/project vision. You will be asked to being in your strategic plan/ business plan, personal plan and or project plan.
  • An outcomes map or strategy map of your organisation / area and/or project will be developed to diagrammatically show the outcomes/measures informing the lead and lag KPI’s critical for your business and or your project.
  • An optional date(3rd day) is set aside if your organisation wishes to have communication plan developed, as well as your KPI’s integrated into your performance management system for recognition and reward and performance measurement.

Uniqueness of this KPI program

  • Ensures the RIGHT KPI’s are determined based on your strategic needs, operational decision making  and/or project vision.
  • Tools used are very practical and can easily be used for other KPI development/ other projects.
  • Combines deployment of KPI’s into YOUR performance management system.


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