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Doing Benchmarking Well – One Page Brief


Benchmarking Partnerships is very pleased to off certificate level 1 – Awareness Benchmarking AND certificate level 2 – Mastery Benchmarking programs for you and your team. See below for the full program link

  • Recent global research by the Global Benchmarking Network of over 200 organisations showed that benchmarking will be a major improvement tool for the future, yet it is not done well at the moment

  • Benchmarking is not only about metrics & numbers (benchmarks) – it is about strategy identification & deployment & process innovations by learning and adapting best practices of other organisations

  • The planning and scoping phase of benchmarking is critical


  • Knowing why and what to benchmark and strategic alignment for your business to deliver optimum value

  • Applying a best practice and well proven benchmarking process on a simulated project for your business, including selection of partners, measures, reporting etc

  • Team and executive buy-in, business case project planning and ROI

How It Works

  • The benchmarking method that is the subject of the training is shown below
  • Critical learnings:
    Planning - strategic focus and prioritisation of what to innovate through benchmarking
    Analysis – avoiding decisions based on “apples” and “oranges” benchmarks alone, but not discounting the value of practices shared, even if the measures are not the same.
    Learning and Sharing - how to find best practice partners in a variety of industries
    Recommendations and Implementation – gaining buy-in, business case, communications, answering WIIFM’s(What’s in it for me)
    Choose a small sample of key influencers (diagonal slice) across your business to undertake the assessment based on a draft framework and at the same time develop your own
    management system framework

Uniqueness of this Management Systems program

  • Very practical personal and group exercises – outcome will be your action plan for your own benchmarking project which we help you identify and scope out in the planning phase

  • Emphasis is on sustainable results through realising benefits from recommendations through implementation


Benchmarking Mastery Certificate 2 - Click on this link to view the full program and to register your interest

Benchmarking Awareness Certificate Level 1 - Click on this link to view the full program and to register your interest


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