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Customer Centricity – One Page Brief


  • A key gap faced is orientating the WHOLE organisation and suppliers to be ‘customer centric’ such that there is a clear ‘line of sight’ from the development, design, corporate services, facilities management and  “back room” staff and senior executives to see and serve the external customer through internal customers.
  • Global research of Customer Centricity sponsored through a key customer was a driver together with our vast experience and expertise of working with many local and international organisations on customer advocacy, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer partnering, customer service, complaints management, corporate services and customer solutions projects.


  • Understand what good practice customer centricity is, create a definition, build into core principles/values.
  • Understand, how to communicate and manage customer’s real and perceived needs and wants & customer feedback processes
  • Learn and how to apply strategies and take away tools for focusing the whole organisation on the external customers
  • Build customer centricity into business planning and strategy map key outcomes and measures
  • Recognise practices that enable effective customer centricity and how to apply them in your workplace
  • Develop an excellence model of customer centricity tailored to your organisation and learn how to identify key gaps and recognize strengths
  • Partnership agreements for Corporate Services, not unwieldy service level agreements

How It Works

  • Gain a shared understanding of what customer centricity would be and what it would it look like in your organisation and what might be the main benefits.
  • Aligned to your learning needs, experience case studies, story telling and examples of best practice organisations, their journey, roadblocks, success factors, including the very best practices from our global customer centricity compendium from public and private organisations and peak bodies.
  • Build a customer centricity Strategy Map for your organisation, realising key outcomes, outputs, processes and inputs required with KPI measures and goals for your organisation
  • Develop and test your organisation Customer Centricity Excellence Model aligned to your strategy and business planning needs and practice how to assess your organisation’s maturity

Uniqueness of this Customer Centricity program

  • Deals with a mindset shift as well as structure (including internal customer value chains) and processes, for the whole organisation to serve the customer/s.
  • Unique focus on understanding customers’ real needs and wants and then in serving better, be completely customer centric, having effective feedback processes & a customer centric performance management framework to assess & monitor the health of your organisation for sustainable  customer focussed

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