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Leadership of Business Excellence for Results – One Page Brief


  • Senior Executives often have serious questions about the relevance of Business Excellence to their organisation – what does it mean?, how does it work?  What value does it add in return for the effort spent?
  • Hence the focus is on how business excellence can be led to set and enable desired outcomes & business  results
  • Global research of Leadership Development Frameworks was another key driver together with our vast experience and expertise of international business excellence projects and frameworks


  • Making Business Excellence part of YOUR business, developing a Framework tailored to the values of your organisation – not a generic model, keeping it simple, how to communicate/collaborate, engaging staff, strategically positioned and translated within your business and integrated into all workplaces.
  • Leadership roles/competencies are developed to know how to enhance leadership capacity to support staff and deliver goals/KPI’s objectives/results for now and the future.

How It Works

  • Be inspired by global case studies and forward looking best practices aligned to your learning themes where leadership for business excellence delivers result

  • Activities engage leaders in gaining a shared understanding of business excellence living in their business through applying principles, systems modelling etc.
  • Participants are coached to develop their own tailored business excellence framework, then to apply the performance management evaluation of their framework, revealing leadership competencies/ roles for your organisation through assessment as well as prioritised strengths and opportunities.
  • Special areas for business improvement focus will then be strategy mapped for specific action planning of outcomes/measures, as well as a communication and monitoring plan.

Uniqueness of this Leadership program

  • A unique blend of best practice Leadership with business excellence and management system practices and principles to understand how business excellence can thrive to deliver sustainable  business results.
  • Having your very own business excellence framework that is relevant and meaningful for all people at all levels. Leadership competencies are developed through assessment of your framework, they are not plucked from a book or borrowed from another organisation – they are uniquely yours!
  • Very practical ‘hands on’ format and delivery style to build business capability starting from and working through where your business is, so business excellence becomes part of your business, generating adaptability, flexibility to cope with changing business pressures, whilst delivering targeted business results

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