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Lean Improvement Program (CLIP) – One Page Brief

Background – now applicable to any industry using understandable building examples

  • instigated under the UK Department of Trade and Industry alongside the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to practically apply the principles of ‘Lean’.
  • to improve productivity and profitability and to create a streamlined flow of value to the end customer
  • proven success across the UK and now into Europe across nearly 800 construction industry companies(private and public) ranging from small to large operators (both principals and contractors) – spin-off benefits across the whole supply chain
  • productivity, defect rates and lead times have been improved 40% to 65

Key CLIP Methods (also as interactive training videos including real on-job video for practical exercises)

  • Collaborative Planning from inception / design to on-site work
  • Risk Management
  • Reducing 7+ wastes
  • 5S – keeping things tidy and in order
  • Open Communication of Performance Measures
  • Leadership & Change Managemen

Uniqueness of CLIP

  • Learning by doing CLIP on the job – not in the classroom
  • Rapid transfer of know-how – not reliant on consultants
  • Well packaged - you can choose what elements suit / integrate with your system

Tools of CLIP

  • 7 Wastes – motion, transport, waiting, overproduction, defects, unnecessary inventory, inappropriate work or processing
  • Plan / Do / Check / Act
  • 5C’s – clear out, configure, clean & check, conformity. custom and practice
  • Pre-diagnostic / Diagnostic / Improvement activity / Follow-up
  • Visual control – KPIs, Pareto (work on 20% that provides 80% value), Fishbone (root causes)
  • Simple Templates and Check Lists

Case Studies

  • 19+ documented experiential case studies of success – from real organisations – background, why used CLIP, original aims and expectations, how CLIP worked for them, how they benefited from CLIP, how they plan to use the skills and lessons learned, key learning points eg housing, day care, water / sewerage, shopping centre, supply chain, multi storey, lighting, flood alleviation, schools, university, supplier



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To register interest please email Anton Benc or Bruce Searles

Phone Bruce: +61 418 267 794 (or 0418 267 794 if phoning from within Australia).
Phone Anton: +61 409 145 033 (or 0409 145033 if phoning from within Australia).


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