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Management System Framework & Assessment for Results – One Page Brief


  • Your management system enables you to set and achieve sustainable results for stakeholders
  • It is important for you to be able to assess your maturity in deployment of your management system
  • The assessment will enable you to prioritise improvements and give your people at all levels a richer understanding on how your management system works for you


  • Your own customised management system framework for your business
  • Knowing how to assess your business performance
  • Key prioritized opportunities for improvement and strengths recognised
  • Know how to make business excellence work for your sustainable results

How It Works

  • Develop a customised organisational management system framework especially tailored  for your business based on advanced  international frameworks & innovative assessment processes to know how your organisation is tracking
  • Choose a small sample of key influencers (diagonal slice) across your business to undertake the assessment based on a draft framework and at the same time develop your own management system framework
  • Typically assessment done at three levels by about 20 people at each level – Senior Executive, Middle Management and Front Line – reporting gives gap analysis between the three levels. Assessment with the number of people and the number of levels is flexible and the program will be designed to suit your needs and resources.
  • Gap analysis also between importance and performance of various key elements of your management system. Reasons for scores captured anonymously provides richness to the data and the facilitated group discussion during the assessment sessions provides a much greater understanding of the value of your management system to your outcomes
  • Communications and detailed action plan developed & benchmarking needs identified

Uniqueness of this Management Systems program

  • Not a one-size-fits all – the management system and assessment process is directly tailored to your business needs
  • Emphasis is on sustainable result


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