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People Engagement for Business Change & Improvement – One Page Brief


  1. How to we achieve large improvements quickly and sustain the vastly improved results over the long term?
  2. How do we engage people to be able to contribute to the Vision and to know when they have done a good day’s work?
  3. How do we achieve ‘line of sight’ to the organisations Vision and Mission up, down and across the organisation


  1. Learn the 4 key success factors from our recent global benchmarking of the organizations that have been able to quickly make and sustain the changes shown on the attached map
  2. Knowing the KPI’s are the right mix and type for your business/project/ process / organisation / team
  3. Each team and person knowing when they have done a good day’s work and how they value-add to others and the Vision
  4. Practical integration with performance management, recognition and strategic techniques for buy-in

How it works

Day 1:

  1. Overview of Global Best Practices
  2. Key Factors for Success and Sustainability
  3. Identifying Environmental Influences
  4. Risk Analysis
  5. Best Practices for Engaging People at all levels
  6. Your integrated Strategic Plan
  7. Key Performance Indicators

Day 2:

  1. Your Action Plan & WIFMEs
  2. Your Business Case
  3. Your communications and recognition plan
  4. Your Monitoring Plan
  5. Strategy Mapping
  6. Performance Management

Uniqueness of this program

  • Draws on best practices from Global Benchmarking we did in 2008
  • Cuts to the heart of the matter – no beating around the bush
  • Tools and templates to do it with
  • Practice doing it for your current situation and go back with an action plan for your next steps


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