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Process Innovation – One Page Brief


  • Uses Lean, Creative Thinking & Pareto to eliminate delays in traditional process mapping & re-engineering
  • Customer centric - tying together the whole value chain
  • Links strategic organisational and process Mission, Vision and Value


  • Within 4 days produces business case for major  changes with buy-in from senior executives, middle management and cross functional process team members and their peers
  • Typically cost / time savings of 30% to 50%; some examples – project cycles reduced from 18 to 2; lead times and defects reduced by 50%, customers delighted, innovations in delivery eg upskilling of call centre staff for medical triaging, partnership agreements (one page) instead of service level agreements
  • KPIs, sub-processes, new roles for people, new systems support, input supplier partnerships identified
How Process Innovation Works
  • Balanced outcomes and KPIs for stakeholders -  now and in future (front end)
  • Collaborative and Strategic back end through systems thinking – Vision, Values and Mission for process aligned to the organisation strategic plan – this front end can also be used to identify which process first
  • Uses traditional quality tools to focus on 20% of problems and opportunities that will produce 80% of added value – 80:20 rule – only 20% of the process is innovated and then linked to the existing 80% - allows you to then get on innovating the next strategic priority
  • Other tools practised in the middle engine include – risk analysis, fishbone – root causes, benefit:cost including non-financial, 5S, Plan / Do / Check / Act, process mapping, prioritisation on KPI contribution
  • Communications and detailed action plan developed & benchmarking needs identified

Uniqueness of Process Innovation

  • Learning by doing, rapid transfer of know-how, completely flexible to your need

Process Innovation

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