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Strategy to Action & Results – One Page Brief


  • Strategic plans need to clearly communicate the strategies, goals/objectives and KPI’s & targets from an agreed overall vision/mission and values of the organisation. Some plans are wordy, voluminous and complicated and don’t engage and communicate with active buy-in through the organisation. Some organisation focus on too many KPI’s and things that are not strategic.
  • This program is about how to create a strategic plan that is simple and clear; then deploying and integrating the plans and KPIs throughout the organisation; then realising sustainable results and then the people side of plan deployment and performance management.


  • One page strategic plan/s developed for your business
  • Strategic plan deployment & integrating business & personal plans & KPIs
  • Transitioning strategy to execution to realise sustainable results
  • Integrated performance measurement and management for results

How It Works

  • All the content and all the days are flexible and interchangeable, however typically on day 1 - a high level ‘first cut’ one page strategic plan is developed using some unique tools and our facilitation process, then  strategy map  your key outcomes to determine the important measures/KPI’s
  • On day 2, a roadmap to transition your strategy to execution is discussed and shared through case studies to assist in planning for deployment through to benefits realisation integrated with performance management including governance
  • On day 3, is about the people delivery engagement in having communication plan developed, as well as your KPIs integrated for recognition and reward and further planning of benchmarking to implement your strategic plans.

Uniqueness of this Strategy to Action & Results program

  • This program is unique as it builds up your organisational strategy from expert facilitation and worldy insights for what your organisation is focussing to deliver in its markets. As a team, the strategy is supported through case studies and guiding tools for a clear actionable plan with KPIs, including deployment expectations of your benefits, integration for governance and performance management.
  • The integration of your strategy to action and results through communications, recognition and reward supporting and enabling processes and then guiding for further growth opportunities through benchmarking is another key distinguishing feature of this program.

Strategt to Action

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