Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships: BEST Practice and Benchmark Excellence Workshops

Pillars to Sustainable Results – Build Business Capability: In-house training program – Mix and Match what suits you



Brief Description



Having the Right KPI’s


Determining and rationalising the right KPI’s for your business at any level from a strategic framework with systems thinking and strategy mapping

  • Knowing the KPI’s are the right mix and type for your business / project / organisation / team
  • Practical integration with performance management, recognition and strategic techniques for buy-in

Process Innovation

A quick and effective innovative strategic process re-engineering tool using lean and creative thinking to accelerate process improvement

  • New and vastly improved process/s mapped & business case
  • Waste is eliminated, value adding is optimised
  • IP transfer to your organisation

Leadership of Business Excellence for Results

Comprehensive Leadership program orientated to optimise Results through leadership growth and capability for Your Business

  • Contemporary and futuristic Leadership ‘know how’ from our  first hand global best practice experience
  • Defined Leadership roles and competencies for your business
  • Organisational and leadership performance management

Customer Centricity

Strategies, tools, processes and measures for engaging and aligning all staff to be focused on the customer

  • Reset your customer compass - understand your customer’s needs
  • Strategic framework to align business and personal plans with a line of sight to the customer, & internal customer value chains
  • Customer serving mindset with supporting tools to engage the business

Strategy to Action and Results

Practical strategic and integrated business planning program and project governance  for your business with KPI’s to optimise your results

  • One page strategic plan/s developed  and cascaded for your business
  • Strategic plan deployment & integrating business & personal plans & KPI’s
  • Performance measurement and management for results

Management System Framework & Assessment for Results

A customised organisational management system framework for your business based on advanced  international frameworks & innovative assessment processes to know how your organisation is tracking.

  • Having your own customised management system framework for your business
  • Knowing how to assess your business performance
  • Key prioritised opportunities for improvement and strengths recognised
  • How to make business excellence work for your sustainable results

How to do Benchmarking Well

Benchmarking as a strategic and operational tool to accelerate improvement through knowledge exchange & innovation

  • Knowing why and what to benchmark and strategic alignment for your business to deliver optimum value
  • Applying a best practice and well proven benchmarking process on a simulated project for your business, including selection of partners, measures, reporting etc
  • Team and executive buy-in, business case project planning and ROI.

Lean Strategy

The principles of LEAN (eliminating waste across the customer value chain) applied through readily understandable building / construction examples to any industry or process.

  • Collaborative Planning, Eliminating 7 wastes, Visible KPI Measurement, Keeping things Tidy & in Order (5C), Plan to Protect, Work Observation e
  • Case studies of real projects with productivity improved 40%, costs reduced 40%, lead times down 50%. Defects reduced by 65%
  • Familiarisation workshops, interactive training CDs. Ongoing support on the job
  • Other relevant improvement tools & how to use them
9. People Engagement for Business Change & Improvement

How to effectively implement your strategies through engagement of people. How to achieve rapid, large and sustainable improvement in results

  • 4 Critical Success Factors from our Global Benchmarking
  • Performance Management, Planning for Resourcing, Capability Development
  • Communications, Recognition and Reward

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