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OHS Safety Benchmarks

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6. Actual expenditure last financial year: $
7. Number of Lost Time Injury Events last financial year:
8. Number of Days of Lost Time Injury last financial year:
9. Millions of Hours Worked last financial year:
10. LTIFR - your Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (item 7 divided by item 9)
11. LTISR - your Lost Time Injury Severity Rate (item 8 divided by item 9)
12. COMCARE or Workcover rate
13. Near Misses - number of near misses reported / number of lost time injuries
14. Investigations completed - number of investigations completed / number required
15. Safety Inspection Actions Closed - number of inspections closed within a month / number of actions required
16. Please advise the period to which your results relate eg 1/7/04 to 30/6/05:
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