Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships: BEST Practice and Benchmark Excellence Workshops

Strategic Core Process Innovation

Usually an accelerated 4-day strategic process INNOVATION for a defined process/es focussed for improvement. Optimal new process design for efficiency and effectiveness to meet strategic goals. Includes full employee engagement and ownership for planned process outcomes and projected benefits are quickly realised.

(a) Day 1 – PLANNING WORKSHOP – STRATEGY AND STAKEHOLDERS – Meet with members of the Executive and stakeholder reference group to conduct a facilitated systemic strategic workshop. Includes a shared understanding of a vision and mission for the core process aligned to the organisation and the needs of key stakeholders and CSF's (Critical Success Factors). A cross-functional innovation team would be formed to be facilitated and to prepare an outline communication strategy.

(b) Day 2 – EXISTING PROCESSES – BASELINE and identification of critical blockages to achieving the vision and CSF’s. This takes place through process mapping and comparison with strategic goals. Agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the new process are drafted.

(c) Day 3 – NEW PROCESSES – INNOVATION – Data is collected by the team for this day and blockages are prioritised. New processes are designed to achieve the vision and eliminate blockages. Impact on the organisation, other processes, people and technology are considered.

(d) Day 4 – ACTION PLANNING AND RECOMMENDATIONS – The team will agree on an implementation action plan and an agreed communication plan. The action planning is based on a business case with cost / benefit analysis grounded for sustainable gains. The team will have enough input here to pull together a full recommendation plan for the executive. The team would brief the executive on outcomes. A recommendations report is written.

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