Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships: BEST Practice and Benchmark Excellence Workshops

Strategic Planning

Usually conducted in one day, these strategic planning sessions are customised and in-house with key stakeholder groups (including senior executives) to develop longer-term or shorter-term plans that also capture lateral cross-portfolio views.

The organisation may only know where they want to focus their future efforts in a topic area/s. We meet briefly to determine the goals / outcomes for the organisation aligned to the external and internal drivers and issues for change. An understanding of rigour required, resources available and organisational ownership is all that is needed for Benchmarking Partnerships to design the Strategic Planning workshop for the client.

In this workshop a systems diagnostic is developed with key stakeholders of the area/s of perceived focus, this is balanced against other organisational priorities/ objectives. The relevant processes with outcomes, benefits, critical success factors, measures etc are drawn out to match specific needs such as:

  • Strategic planning framework approach and deployment and KPIs
  • Specific process survey design or focus group workshops for analysis of needs with wider stakeholder groups external benchmark analysis is optional
  • Action planning agree on findings, allocate and prioritise tasks, including resources and a monitoring tool for implementation including a communications plan.