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Benchmarking Partnerships have provided a consistently uniform and excellent standard of Benchmarking Workshops, Business Excellence Study Tours and other services across Australia for many years, with our organisation engaging to great effect in many of these, both as learning participants and as invited speakers. Their combined expertise, and the ease of doing business with Bruce and Anton makes that professional association a most valued connection that has helped us with our continuous improvement endeavours.

Russell Linwood ASM, Principal Strategy Officer Business Excellence. QLD Department of Emergency Services


South East Water has established a long association with Benchmarking Partnerships. During this time we have utilised their services and skills for various management projects and have found Benchmarking Partnerships to be a very organised and professional company to deal with. It is this professionalism and focus on quality that keeps them abreast of industry dynamics. The information they provide is relevant and that can be applied directly in the workplace. 

Wayne McGlone, South East Water. MANAGER CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS


What was impressive was how Anton and Bruce used information about our organisation to tailor not only the program to meet the needs of our organisation, but to also customise Business Excellence tools that we could use well after the workshop concluded. Feedback from our workshop participants was overwhelmingly positive; particularly noting the professionalism and obvious expertise of the facilitators. We have long valued our association with Benchmarking Partnerships – Bruce and Anton’s formidable knowledge of global best practice ensures that we are exposed to new challenges and new ways of improving our performance.

Margie Jantii, Associate Librarian
Client Services, University of Wollongong Library

LEAN Improvement workshop- Perth 2009.  ‘Very practical, I feel like I can implement changes straight away with immediate benefit’

Rachel Schmitt, Senior Project Officer Student Services - M009
The University of Western Australia


I’ve always found working with Benchmarking Partnerships over many years and in various capacities to be a valuable high professional relationship. The Benchmarking Partnerships team have been attuned to my needs and accordingly have been able to develop flexible, responsive benchmarking workshops and learning solutions to support my requirements.
They have continually demonstrated a willingness to understand my organisation and needs and to be able to help progress my organisational capability development. 

Rob Loader, Business Portfolio Manager
AXA Australia and New Zealand


Hi Anton

“I thought your course was absolutely brilliant, and can't wait to implement what I have learnt” – Angela Robinson, Auckland City Council.


Thanks Anton .... a great, informative and refreshing day .... good to hear others with the "fire in the belly" and some innovative ideas came through for me to take upwards and across for more considerations.  As above .... rejuvenating ...

sincerest regards

Shaune A.M. Hunt MRCNA
Principal Project Officer
Workforce Unit
Southern Area Health Service

Study Tours
  • Being exposed to the success stories of award winning organizations enables one to draw inspiration and resolve to emulate them and improve one’s own organization. It can be done, and the role models prove it.
  • Direct approached to CEOs as well as the current process through numbers
  • Thank you for organising this workshop
  • Target higher level management as well as quality / improvement persons
  • Good for those involved in the ABEF or just thinking about it
  • I achieved my aim of picking up the latest practices from like-minded organisations, and thank both the speakers and the audience for their contributions.
  • good to hear others with the "fire in the belly" and some innovative ideas came through for me to take upwards and across for more considerations

Shaune A.M. Hunt MRCNA
Principal Project Officer
Workforce Unit
Southern Area Health Service

On a scale of 1=Very poor, 2= Poor, 3= Neither, 4=Good, 5 = Very good, the following average responses were received from 40 feedback forms submitted:

  • Presentations 4.2
  • Timeliness 3.7
  • Facilitation 4.4
  • Catering 4.4
  • Ability to formulate action plans 3.8
  • Value of learning for your business 4.1
  • Value of learning to you 4.2
  • Opportunities for networking 4.3
  • Overall rating of this workshop 4.3

38 out of 40 people said YES - they would recommend a similar Study Tour to others.

Study Tour strengths

  • Thanks for the opportunity
  • Well done – a well executed workshop
  • Insight from Award winners very useful
  • Identification of challenges in organisations was interesting as they are common across nations/ businesses.
  • Great international networking opportunity
  • Interactive
  • Size and scope of works – some very good companies
  • Great facilitation
  • Good to go for site visits and tours
  • The half day discussion session is wonderful and the delegates have more sharing opportunities
  • Opportunities for networking are good
  • Good to have one networking dinner
  • Wide coverage of different aspects of Business Excellence Framework
  • Networking opportunities
  • The diversity of participants ie overseas and across organisation/ industries.
  • The range of experiences and willingness to share problems as well as successes.
  • Get to learn from Australian and NZ companies – Best Practice
  • Comprehensive business excellence framework in Australia and Singapore
  • Overall well organised – Bruce and Anton did an excellent job
  • Many best practices that can be adapted to a Singaporean environment
  • All aspects of business administration covered and a variety of organisational experiences provided.
  • Degree of openness and commitment from best practice organisations to share.
  • Very direct prompting to consider broader enablers of implementation by assessing presenters cases/ examples
  • Excellent networking/ knowledge sharing
  • Distinction between the benefits of pursuing ‘excellence’ by optimising performance against principles as opposed to blindly following a framework.
  • Good exposure to listen to people from different industries and internationally
  • Understand how others overcome problems.
  • Diversity of participants
  • Great mixture of items on the agenda
  • Breadth of the speakers and their implementation knowledge
  • Looking forward to the contact list
  • An opportunity to share and gain information from each other
  • International element adds value and variation
  • Day 2 presentations offered greater depth(possibly more implementation type issues) how to rather than what.
  • Good questions from the audience- interaction good
  • Practical tours/ examples
  • International inputs
  • Genuine learning and an evidence increase in the use of ABEF
  • Tours to different spots were great as they provide a ‘quality’ environment
  • Professional respect shown

“I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Study Tour, it was great, one of the most beneficial information gathering/development opportunities I have undertaken” - Corina Nichols, Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads

“Thanks again for such a fantastic experience.  I enjoyed every moment and found you so very accommodating, kind, knowledgeable and inclusive.” – Nicole Kent, Qld Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation

"I had a fantastic time and would like to thank-you again for your professionalism and wonderful organisation. I found the experience extremely rewarding and look forward to putting some great ideas into practice within my area.” –  Sarah Smith, Qld Health

"I just wanted to say another thank you as you made us all so welcome and valued. It was truly a great experience.”  - Charmaine Matebau, Qld Department of Communities

Mentoring Services

A new organisational structure meant I had to rethink the best way to continue to provide high level executive support for the CEO within a very different organisation framework.

As a mentor, Benchmarking Partnerships provided not only rich expertise but objectivity and ‘fresh eyes’ which helped me to clarify my role, reporting lines and the communication gaps that needed to be addressed. Bruce from Benchmarking Partnerships has always been respectful of the mission and culture of our organisation, and he continues to affirm and encourage me as well as challenging me to think differently and add greater value to the organisation.

As a result I have gained new skills and knowledge and greater confidence. It has been a very rewarding experience personally and professionally.

Bronwyn Hession
Senior Education Officer-Office of the Director of Schools
Catholic Schools Office
Diocese of Broken Bay


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