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Engagement to undertake training on Internal Communications

Bruce Searles, Fellow Engineers Australia & Anton Benc B.E., Managing Partners, Benchmarking Partnerships, Australia


Appointed Benchmarking Resource



Director, Business Development



Background / Coverage

  • We will seek organisational and individual participant needs and effectively tailor the training program and delivery to suit these specific needs – a training competency development form for use by course participants will be used to track the effectiveness of the course as it is delivered
  • International Best Practices in Internal Communications from our recently completed best practices Compendium report – see Contents of the Compendium @ Appendix 1 and Appendices / Templates and Tools contained in the Compendium @ Appendix 2
  • Case study examples will be exposed and discussed
  • Free copy of the Best Practices Compendium reports and the 30+ Appendices including tools and templates for strategic and operational communications and leadership frameworks to each course participant
  • Internal Communications (two-way) up / down and across the organisation
  • Alignment to business strategy and KPIs / measurement of success using devolved and aligned one page plans and systems view of the business
  • Benchmarking Partnerships has undertaken considerable benchmarking regarding Internal Communications and has identified many best practices that will be exposed and discussed in the training workshop, including a best practices summary document from our Internal communications benchmarking networks across over 150 organisations
  • Drawing from our own personal experiences in internal communications over the past decade and more, including within the organisations listed overleaf
  • Course participants will be exposed to best practices in Communications and then will practice how to do it using the templates and tools and our facilitation
  • Based on an identified communication need or needs within the organisation participants will develop a communication strategy covering –

communications strategy

  • This includes marketing / branding / audience segmentation and understanding What’s In It For Me (WIFMe’s) for each audience segment
  • Strengths and weaknesses of various communications channels and their “fit-for-purpose” will be discussed, including the role of social media for specific audience segments and best practices in use of social media
  • An internal communications maturity framework developed by over 50 internal communications practitioner  experts from a range of public and private sector / industries (including centralised and geographically devolved organisations) will be facilitated in a mini self assessment of internal communications within your organisation – this will highlight strengths and gaps and the root causes to be addressed in your communications strategy – consideration with be given in the assessment to the plan for internal communications, deployment of the plan, measurements of success and continuous improvement of internal communications
  • We will also draw on our recent benchmarking of leadership and communications within organisations internationally and discuss and workshop 5 key elements for leadership of successful organisations that came out of this extensive research across the globe
  • How to make best use and improve your existing channels and communication strategies will also be discussed
  • This training will be a highly interactive workshop style and practically focused so that the participants address a known communications issue(s) that you face and leave the course with a communications strategy and operational solutions to implement their determined action plan


  • Participants will develop a strategic plan for internal communications linked to the organisations strategic plan and an operational plan as well as a personal action plan
  • Design communication strategies, processes and tools suitable to your organisations needs and review and improve existing processes and tools for (amongst other things)
      • Strategic and Operational Planning
      • Project Planning and Delivery
      • Meetings agenda and planning
      • Teamwork
      • Social activities
      • Spontaneous communication
      • Recognition
      • Performance Management
      • Daily operations
      • Good day’s work – KPIs
      • Professional Development and Growth
      • Initiative and Innovation
      • Across your organisation communication
      • Evaluation & Feedback
  • This will include a Communications guideline document, embracing an overall strategy, modes and channels of communication relevant to specific circumstances and support
  • People will experience and practice the Communication in simulated actions
  • Communication styles and methods will be discussed and practised
  • Most importantly, the training will be specifically designed to meet the needs of your organisation and the participants of the course

How it works – Program Outline

Session 1 – Day 1

  • Communication International Best Practices Presentation by Benchmarking Partnerships
  • Facilitated self assessment based on an internal communications practitioners maturity framework – workshop and discuss
  • Delegates focus on the communication issues they wish to address based on the organisational needs, their own needs and gap identification and best practice from the facilitated self assessment
  •  Relevant communications processes and tools discussed and  an an overall communication strategy agreed – strategic and operational plan for internal communications in your organisation

Day 2

  • Delegates will share and practice Communications Processes and Tools for use in their workplace and report back what worked well, what didn’t and why not.
  • Communication skills will be discussed and practised including how to avoid unintentional reactions – listening skills, avoiding resistance, body language, communication needs hierarchy, overcoming barriers to communications, behavioural communications, written communications  etc, or other specific learning needs for your organisation will be addressed
  • Outcomes  will be reviewed
  • Simulations will be set up and experienced by the participants to test the Communications Processes and Tools
  • Communications Strategies, Processes and Tools will be reviewed and improved and reported for use by your organisation
  • All  information will be captured and documented  (we will need a scribe for this drawn from the delegate group)
  • Personal action planning and competence development assessment and workshop feedback
  • Certificates presented

Your Investment

For up to 20 people for $17,970 plus GST – all inclusive incorporating our tailoring to your needs, delivery, and all our travel costs for the two Benchmarking Partnerships Managing Partners with over 30 years experience in internal communications to do the delivery.

This includes:

  • A full 2 day and customised program tailored to your needs including detailed use of Internal Communications Maturity Framework via our facilitated self assessment and the relevant case studies of best practices, tools and templates acquired from global practical experiences.
  • Our tailoring and preparation for our 2 facilitators (Benchmarking Partnerships’ Managing Partners Anton Benc and Bruce Searles) for our combined expertise to maximise group learning and special outcomes for you.
  • Our International Internal Communications Best Practices Compendium Report, Leadership International Best Practices Compendium Report and Internal Communications Maturity Framework, as well as strategic and operational tools and templates used and practised by delegates during the course  for use only by course participants and only within your organisation but not for on-training within your organisation
  • Our travel and accommodation / meals expenses (eastern seaboard of Australia only)

Intellectual Property


IP is not included (apart from use by course participants for their personal use within your organisation only). However we are happy to discuss an option of the you purchasing the IP for use across your organisation at a special rate


Your organisation to provide the venue and catering (at your cost) including equipment like computer projector, electronic whiteboard, post it notes, flip charts and pens. Your organisation to print materials provided by us prior to the workshop in electronic form for each delegate plus a copy for each Benchmarking Partnerships facilitator. Your organisation may decide to capture notes / outcomes from each day via a scribe. Tables to be set up wedding / cabaret style with say 5 people on each table. Extra table at front with chairs for facilitators.
We trust this meets your needs and we are very please to customise this proposal of mixing and matching the content across any of the 2 days further to suit specific requirements.
See below for some of our recent experiences and some testimonials.
Let us know if you would like to discuss / tailor this proposal further


Some of Our Recent Experience

  • Internal Communications Training for a NSW Public Sector Organisation  – 4 days
  • Leadership forum for senior executives re internal communications at a large school system head office
  • Internal Communications Strategy and Operational Deployment and Tools Development and Implementation for a large general insurance company
  • Internal Communications workshop for th a major government authority
  • Special interest study tour re internal communications visiting a range of industry leaders
  • Internal communications in a leading law firm
  • Benchmarking Internal Communications across 30+ organisations across the globe – 2010
  • Benchmarking Internal Communications Best Practices across over 100 Australasian organizations
  • Strategic Planning and Internal Communications consulting for an Australian Water Company
  • Benchmarking Leadership and Internal Communications Best Practices across 20+ Australian Organisations
  • Internal Communications planning as part of deployment of over 100  major improvement, change and benchmarking initiatives

Some Testimonials

What was impressive was how Anton and Bruce used information about our organisation to tailor not only the program to meet the needs of our organisation, but to also customise Business Excellence tools that we could use well after the workshop concluded. Feedback from our workshop participants was overwhelmingly positive; particularly noting the professionalism and obvious expertise of the facilitators. We have long valued our association with Benchmarking Partnerships – Bruce and Anton’s formidable knowledge of global best practice ensures that we are exposed to new challenges and new ways of improving our performance.


Margie Jantti, Business Excellence Evaluator
University of Wollongong


I’ve always found working with Benchmarking Partnerships over many years and in various capacities to be a valuable high professional relationship. The Benchmarking Partnerships team has been attuned to my needs and accordingly have been able to develop flexible, responsive benchmarking workshops and learning solutions to support my requirements.
They have continually demonstrated a willingness to understand my organisation and needs and to be able to help progress my organisational capability development. 

Rob Loader
Business Portfolio Manager
AXA Australia and New Zealand


Benchmarking Partnerships have provided a consistently uniform and excellent standard of Benchmarking Workshops, Business Excellence Study Tours and other services across Australia for many years, with our organisation engaging to great effect in many of these, both as learning participants and as invited speakers. Their combined expertise, and the ease of doing business with Bruce and Anton makes that professional association a most valued connection that has helped us with our continuous improvement endeavours.


Russell Linwood ASM
Principal Strategy Officer Business Excellence
QLD Department of Emergency Services


Topic: Internal Communications

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