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Benchmarking Partnerships

1 Day Best Practice in-house WORKSHOP

Strategic Internal Communications

Do you know Internal Communications is one of the biggest “sleeper” opportunities for improvement for many organisations where misunderstandings, confusion, mistrust and strained relationships are founded. Imagine if we really knew how to best engage our audiences within an overarching strategy with clear goals with tools/tactics for all the important messages that need to be understood, directed with supportive leadership and processes to encourage ownership immersed with a desire/passion focused on ‘things that matter’ with appropriate media and channels for effective communication and feedback from stakeholders.

Benchmarking Partnerships with a proven track record for over 15 years in this space is a proud to offer it’s key customers this in-house 1 day – Strategic Internal Communications workshop on YOUR site at a mutual time with your team. Anton Benc and/or Bruce Searles, Managing Partners from Benchmarking Partnerships will be the facilitators on the workshop day.

Workshop Date:

Workshop Host:

Workshop Investment:
To be discussed depending on the team size, special needs and location

Workshop Agenda:

9.00: Welcome/introductions, understanding your needs/ issues.

9.20: The ‘WOW’ of Best Practice Communications –We present/share best practice examples from your needs/industry areas.

10.40: Morning tea

11.00: Organisational focus – You will be led via an interactive workshop session with an overall worked example then our facilitation to develop a systems view & one page plan to then focus on your own internal Communication goals and objectives.

12.30: Lunch

1.00: Communications strategy  - delegates will be guided through the tools/templates to develop their own internal communications strategy

3.30: Afternoon tea

4.00: Communication strategy - Action Planning. Improvement and actions for you to deploy back into your work area

4.45: Close

Outcomes and What’s included:

  • Tailored strategy to YOUR business strategy and KPIs / measurement of success using one page plans and systems view of the business
  • Shared International Best practices and case studies related to YOUR business throughout the day.
  • Course participants will then be guided by us to design their own Communications Strategy AND practise how to do it using the templates and tools and our facilitation
  • Our Internal Communications Global Best Practice report to practice tools will be issued to all registered delegates

Competency feedback evaluation, of lessons learnt where we expect participants to continue to fully deploy their communications strategy in their workplace and also teach others!






    Please email Anton Benc or Bruce Searles for further information

    Phone: Anton Benc: 0409 145033 or  Bruce Searles 0418 267 794

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