Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships



Aligned & Measured 1 page plans/KPIs & skills transfer to you

In House at your place


  • A one page  prioritised strategic plan linked to higher level plans where appropriate & developed collaboratively in support of other  plans
  • One page plans aligned throughout your organisation with people engaged to deliver
  • Understand your core business processes
  • Strategy mapping for key outcomes
  • Develop your few vital KPIs
  • Performance management
  • Resourcing & Capability Development plans
  • Change Mgt & Buy-In
  • Recognition and reward
  • Benchmarking to implement your strategic plan
  • Action plan
  • Monitoring process
Benchmarking Partnerships Share Practices, Ideas, Improvements, Advances and current Issues

Facilitated approach aims to:

  • help you to do your own planning,
  • create ownership amongst your key influencing people and your key stakeholders,
  • provide self-sufficiency for your current supportive plans and future planning,
  • ensure actioning of your plan
Note: Planning facilitated with a cross section of your key influential people – diagonal slice & with key stakeholders representatives as appropriate.


Steps – these are entirely flexible to suit your needs. Depending on your size, maturity & work already done you may only need 1 day or up to 4 days – please mix & match below to suit you. Smaller organizations or teams can combine with others to share costs and maximise value to you.

  • Presentation of global planning best practices by Benchmarking Partnerships – this sets the scene, describes the planning road map for discussion, and introduces key tools like the one-page plan, systems view, strategy mapping, people engagement
  • Vision (where we are heading) , Mission (why we are here) and Meaningful Values actioned via behaviours
  • Systems view  – this identifies key Stakeholders, Key Result Areas, core Processes, key Inputs and key Issues
  • Strategy mapping of inputs required for higher level or longer term strategic plan to identify contributory outcomes, goals & objectives
  • SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Identify business environmental issues for exploration along with stakeholder consultation
  • Lateral views on key SWOT outcomes & environmental issues & stakeholder inputs
  • Risk and opportunity analysis and prioritisation
  • Presentation and discussion of draft objectives, outcomes & goals to key stakeholders
  • Stakeholders present their draft strategic plans & implications for your plan
  • Strategy mapping objectives / goals to identify key priority actions for incorporation in your strategic plan
  • Identification of supporting actions to ensure plan is achievable
    • Monitoring / Performance Management
    • Resourcing
    • Communications
    • Capability Development
    • Reinforcement (Recognition)
    • Management systems enablement
    • Benchmarking
  • Key Performance Indicator (vital few) identification & Next steps


Our Benchmarking Code of Conduct protects confidentiality and privacy

Our draft proposal, for discussion,  includes:

  1. Refinement of the agenda to suit your specific needs
  2. Transfer of knowledge, templates, tools and methods for your future use, including cascading (using strategy mapping) of your strategic plan though your organisation/division into a series of similar contributory one-page plans for other Divisions / Departments, Teams and Individuals – these can be visually mapped and managed
  3. Advice on pre-planning inputs required by the various participants
  4. Supply of tools, methods and templates for the planning workshops

Our proposal does not include (we can quote on these if required):

  1. Any substantive work required in preparation for the workshop eg design of questionnaire for use in preparation for the planning workshop
  2. Reporting on the outcomes of the workshop (this is a good development opportunity for one of your people)

Outcomes include (also above):

  1. Skills, tools, templates and knowledge for your future self-sufficient use
  2. A strategic plan including the elements shown below

strategic planning

Commercial Proposal

Rates (in Australian Dollars) $690 plus GST per person per day - minimum investment is 4 people . This investment does not include tailoring or IP transfer for on-use within your organisation apart from use within your organisation only by course participants. Please contact us for a special discounted quote for a large number of people. A 25% security deposit will need to be paid upon agreement to proceed. Pre-agreed travel and accommodation for our facilitator/s will be invoiced at cost. Simply complete the expression of interest form below, and we will contact you to discuss your needs, thankyou.  


Your organisation to provide venue, catering and other facilities such as electronic whiteboard, computer projector, flip charts pens etc and printing of materials supplied electronically by Benchmarking Partnerships. Your organisation to administer and communicate with all participants, and provide scribe for note-taking (a good development opportunity for someone).

All travel and accommodation / meal costs needed by Benchmarking Partnerships will be invoiced to you at cost – this will include car travel from Sydney/Melbourne at ATO rates or air travel discount economy) as appropriate.

Please click here to proceed to the registration form, to order or to express interest

Topic: Strategy to Action and Results

Phone Anton Benc: +61 409 145033 or Bruce Searles 0418 267 794

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