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CLIP is an innovative Lean Improvement Program that was originally designed to vastly improve the United Kingdom building & construction industry and these examples can you be applied successfully to any public or private business endeavour.


Designed specifically for you - This private workshop will be structured to meet your needs.

CLIP is about clipping away waste, cost saving productivity improvements, collaborative planning etc where making immediate, practical improvements to the way your organisation works and giving your teams the skills to maintain these improvements.  CLIP has been developed over 10 years in the UK and the tools and techniques are now used across 15 UK industry sectors – govt. & private, large & small

Main Components of CLIP:

  1. Collaborative planning
  2. risk management
  3. workplace observation (to improve productivity, reduce lead times and reduce defects etc)

BRE (Building Research Establishment) have intensively trained and provided materials to Bruce Searles and Anton Benc from Benchmarking Partnerships who will deliver CLIP in Australia and Asia/Pacific

Hear about, see and discuss – PRACTICAL aspects - what works well, what doesn’t, issues & problems and how to overcome them

Benchmarking Partnerships’ Code of Conduct protects confidentiality and privacy

Learning Outcomes: - Preplanning to orient the program to your specific needs and to see how it integrates with your  existing Quality Management systems and processes.

Then at the workshop your people  can learn:

  • How CLIP can work for them
  • What CLIP is
  • Why it is unique
  • How much improvement you can expect
  • The processes and tools of CLIP
  • Next steps
Benefits from CLIP: - typically – across more than 150 improvement activities in small to large organisations in the UK
  • Productivity improved by 40% - costs down similarly
  • Project lead times reduced by 50%
  • Defect rates reduced by 65%
  • $100 million savings for UK industry over 2 years (Dept. Trade and Industry, UK)

Benefits from the Workshops

  • Experience interactive CD ROMs with real industry  examples
  • Learn about the BEST PRACTICES
  • Participate in “Think-tank' leadership discussions
  • Small group discussions and ideas sharing on each learning event
  • Comprehensive manual for all delegates
  • Receive Memory Jogger Notes of the proceedings
  • Delegate and speaker contact list provided
  • Learn about what you need to know as well as about what you didn’t know you needed to know
  • Action Planning session to help you commence implementation of your learnings


Why CLIP is unique

CLIP’s foundations are built on the principles of lean.  This means that the CLIP philosophy is to remove waste from processes and to create a streamlined flow of value to the end customer.  It is the application of this philosophy that is part of the unique nature of CLIP.

CLIP believes that you don’t have to be taught in-depth lean philosophy before you can start making improvements.  CLIP is about making real, practical improvements at the workface – whether that is a site, office or factory.  Organisations using CLIP can expect to see tangible improvements after 2 or 3 days of the workshop activities.

To do this, CLIP employs a ‘learning by doing’ approach.  This means that members of the organisation’s team are taught the skills they need to make improvements through a facilitated series of workshops where they are actually making improvements to their processes using the CLIP tools.  This approach requires the CLIP activities to happen at the workplace – not in a classroom.  Using the CLIP tools in practice with your team also enables them to be personalised to suit your organisation and the way your team likes to work – so they are more likely to succeed for you.

The aim of CLIP is to leave your teams with the knowledge of lean philosophy behind the CLIP tools and also with the practical skills to continue making improvements to their activities.

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Please find below a proposal for an in-house CLIP Orientation Workshop. This proposal is for an in-house workshop within your organisation. An alternative proposal would be developed if your organisation would like to host a series of workshops for your main contractors and suppliers.Our proposal includes:

  1. Preplanning to orient the program to your  specific needs and culture and to see how it integrates with your  existing Quality Management systems and improvement processes
  2. Refinement of the agenda to suit your specific needs
  3. Advice on pre-workshop inputs required by the various participants
  4. Supply of tools, methods and templates at the workshop, including samples of interactive construction training CDs regarding Introduction, Work & Waste, Collaborative Planning, Performance Measurement and Workplace Organisation (5S)
Our proposal does not include (we can quote on these if required):
  1. Any other substantive work required in preparation for the workshop eg design of a customized questionnaire for use in preparation for the workshop to specially customize our materials and delivery to meet specific personal needs and close performance gaps
  2. Purchase of the interactive videos(video’s are available to purchase as part of this project)
  3. Reporting on the outcomes of the workshop
Outcomes from the workshop (also see page 1):
  1. Aim to engage your selected people and to get them familiar with the CLIP process and tools to start making some early improvement changes in their local workplace
  2. Basic skills, tools, templates and knowledge for future self-sufficient use by your organisation
  3. First cut action plan for you, perhaps including flow on workshops to your contractors and suppliers and licensing of CLIP by your organisation
Commercial Proposal

Rates (in Australian Dollars) $690 plus GST per person per day - minimum investment is 4 people . This investment does not include tailoring or IP transfer for on-use within your organisation apart from use within your organisation only by course participants. Please contact us for a special discounted quote for a large number of people. A 25% security deposit will need to be paid upon agreement to proceed. Pre-agreed travel and accommodation for our facilitator/s will be invoiced at cost. Simply complete the expression of interest form below, and we will contact you to discuss your needs, thankyou.  


Your organisation to provide the venue and catering including equipment like computer projector, electronic whiteboard, post it notes, flip charts and pens. Your organisation to print materials provided by us prior to the workshop in electronic form. Your organisation may decide to capture notes / outcomes from each day via a scribe.We trust this meets your needs and we are happy to customize this proposal of mixing and matching the content across any of the 2 days further to suit specific requirements. INITIAL DRAFT AGENDA - ONE DAY CLIP EXPERIENTIAL BENCHMARKING WORKSHOP

9.00am Registration - Arrival coffee / tea
9.10am Welcome/ Introductions/ workshop overview – Bruce Searles, Fellow, Engineers Australia (BE Civil), Managing Partner, Benchmarking Partnerships and / or Anton Benc (BE), Managing Partner, Benchmarking Partnerships – Key Presenters  throughout this workshop.

Keynote Address – CLIP – How it Works and Benefits


Session summary: The presenter will discuss the benefits of CLIP, why CLIP is unique, what CLIP is and how it works. He will refer to the Government support for CLIP in the UK and CLIP’s current status. The presenter will disclose benefits from CLIP in various industries, not just the construction industry. The philosophy of CLIP will be explained. The presenter will describe how CLIP eliminates waste, the core CLIP interactive strategies: your business, your processes, your people and your suppliers, what actually happens when you use CLIP and how you are supported (it is not a typical consultancy), how to engage your people, the CLIP methodology, resources and commitments by the organisation and skills transfer via certified training. He will emphasise how CLIP helps you to become more profitable, reduce costs, deliver better quality, improve the engagement and productivity of your people and delight your customers.

11.00am Morning tea / Networking

Case Studies – Application of CLIP Tools  


Session summary:  Benchmarking Partnerships will detail some case studies of how CLIP was applied and what went well and what didn’t and how problems were overcome. They will also describe each of the CLIP tools using the case study examples and how they were used to best effect. The tools include Plan to Protect, Process Mapping, Collaborative Planning, Visual Management, Work Observation, 7 Wastes and 5C Workplace Organisation.

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Workshopping Handy Hints – smaller facilitated discussion groups – facilitated by Benchmarking Partnerships

  • What are your key issues?
  • What key points / messages came from the presentations for you?
  • What ideas are coming from the other workshop participants?
  • Plenary sharing of small group discussion finding
1.00pm Lunch and Networking

Working Through a Case Study Example – Small Groups

Facilitators: Benchmarking Partnerships

Session Summary: Small groups will practice applying the Philosophy, Value / Waste analysis, Core Strategies and the CLIP methodology as well as the key tools of CLIP to a case study example. (Session includes afternoon coffee)


Questions and Answers / Action Planning

Session Summary: This will be an open question and answer session to determine the best fit for the Industry and then participants will be aided in developing an action plan for how CLIP might provide value to their organisation. The facilitation will focus towards what improvement strategy should be adopted in your organisation e.g. application of CLIP to Processes, Suppliers (Lean relationships), and Teamwork or through Leadership deployment. Gaining commitment and buy-in and resourcing / start up are key issues that will be discussed.

4.15pm Sharing of Action Plans and Knowledge Gained. Discussion of Issues you raise.
4.45pm Close.

Please click here to proceed to the registration form, to order or to express interest

Topic: Lean Improvement Program
Training workshop date: 2 days In House at a time to suit you

Phone Anton Benc: 0409 145 033 or Bruce Searles 0418 267 794

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