Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships


2 day Practical Training Workshop

Management System Framework & Assessment for Results

Workshop Venue:

In house, at your organisation

Workshop Date & Time:

TBA In house and mutually agreed timing

What we will deliver during the training:

  • Overview of Management systems Frameworks & Organisational Assessment
  • Design a tailored management system framework for your organisation
  • Customised Assessment tool and process for your organisation
  • You will conducting your own simulated Evaluation during the training facilitated by us
  • Action Planning
  • Next Steps and on-going support

What’s included:

  • Harvesting BEST PRACTICES and 'Think-tank' discussion
  • 'Hands-on' learning
  • A comprehensive activity and reference workbook and handouts issued for all training delegates
  • Content experts – Anton Benc & Bruce Searles sharing real case studies, exercises across their vast evaluation experience (refer to the attached paper and our CV’s on our website)
  • Delegate and content expert contact list provided
  • Benchmarking Code of Conduct protects confidentiality & privacy
  • Competency feedback evaluation as we progress through the training to ensure no one is “left behind” at ANY stage.

Learn how to customise a suitable management system framework for your business and assess your business performance for focussing on prioritized opportunities to optimise your business results.


At the end of the Training, participants will be able to know the management systems principles and apply a customized framework for performance measurement, assessment and tools for conducting their own assessments for organisational improvement. Outcomes include the following and you will understand and be able to plan:

  • The purpose and intent of the assessment.
  • New and emerging business excellence principles that underpin Global Business Excellence Frameworks
  • Types of Business Excellence Frameworks- their application, strengths and restrictions
  • Positioning of benchmarking with assessment for optimum improvement
  • Assessment of your own organizational ‘system’ and  choosing a suitable framework for evaluation that meets your business outcomes
  • Skills, communication techniques and tools for conducting assessments
  • How to develop an assessment tool with appropriate measures, designing a process and sampling to suit your organisation’s rigor and learning
  • How to deal with complex issues, resistance and enhancing cooperation
  • Steps in how to conduct, facilitate, report and review an assessment of your own organisation
  • Certificate of participation upon course completion
  • Shared understanding of effective evaluation, tools and business excellence frameworks
  • Simulated part evaluation against YOUR organisation in both facilitator & participant role plays
  • Priorities for action planning when you return to your workplace.
  • Interactive participation and sharing with other participants in an action-packed comprehensive Evaluation training course
  • Sharing of best practices and ideas amongst participants

Program Day 1–Training in your Management System Framework Development
9.00am Registration & coffee

Welcome, Introductions, Program, facilitating key issues for participants to focus the program on participant’s expectations – Anton Benc & Bruce Searles, Facilitators & Managing Partners, Benchmarking Partnerships.


Overview of Global Management System Frameworks & Organisational Assessment relevant to the Implementation and Deployment of Business Excellence for achieving sustainable Business Outcomes– Anton Benc and Bruce Searles, Managing Partners, Benchmarking Partnerships.

Anton and Bruce will discuss leading, forward thinking and different practices in the design, conduct, facilitation and follow up from evaluations drawing recent global research and on their personal experience including at Award Winner NRMA Limited (then the largest General Insurance Company in Australia), and in assisting other organizations like South East Water (a previous gold award winner of Business Excellence). They will also draw on best practices identified in the benchmarking they have facilitated. They will emphasise making the assessment relevant to your organization, ensuring internal learning and knowledge transfer and how to gain buy-in to the prioritization and implementation of improvements.  They will also share templates and tools that others may adapt for their own purposes.

In the Overview we will:

  • Facilitate expectations and specific training needs of participants
  • Facilitate some practical exercises
  • Develop a shared understanding of current, new and emerging principles of business excellence
  • Discuss various off-the-shelf and tailored business excellence frameworks and position benchmarking and other improvement tools for effective outcomes from evaluation
  • Discuss evaluation methodologies, including outcomes, benefits, implementation,  processes, project management, gaining buy-in, communications, monitoring improvement
  • Latest methods for conducting evaluations - what works well / what doesn't
  • How are assessments deployed across the business?
  • Outcomes aimed for and attained measures of success
  • Gaining buy-in and commitment
  • How are opportunities for improvement prioritised and improvements implemented
  • Business benefits realisation
  • Communication, especially to staff - types, method, content
  • Collation of results of the evaluation
  • Basic strategy that works practically
  • How to gain sponsorship – winning points for the CEO – how to bring the people along

Includes Morning Coffee


Reflective Learning:

  • What were the inspirations and learning points for you and your organisation.
  • What are you challenged with and how does this link with what you already know and need to know.
12.45pm Lunch and networking.

Design your own first cut tailored Framework.

You will be guided through identifying management system drivers and enablers aligned from your own strategic and business plan, together with our global experience and international
framework tools for you to customise a business focused management system framework for your organisation.


Discussion and feedback from participants on their framework and an action plan for each organisation to consider in finalising their draft framework.

5.00pm Close Day 1.
Program Day 2 –Training in Organisational Assessment

Review and finalise your draft framework for deployment following the training.

Benchmarking Partnerships will guide you from case studies and other organizations who have customized their own frameworks to share the experiences/roadblock and success factors of
getting your framework accepted and fully engaged by executive for business ownership  and by your staff.

10.00am Morning Tea

Organisational Assessment Process and scoring criteria.

You will Understand your own organizational ‘system’ and measuring tool to suit. We will share our best practice process, and scoring criteria options and measures for you to consider in a trial assessment(the next session)


Customised Assessment and Evaluation. You will conducting your own simulated Evaluation during the training facilitated by us – facilitated by Anton Benc and Bruce Searles.

  • Selecting your area of business/category of excellence to self assess
  • Focus group team formation and roles
  • Conduct your own evaluation and role play with other participants as facilitator and as a participant for peer review
  • Harvest supporting knowledge and ideas from other participants and our vast experience
  • 45 min Lunch included
3.15pm Afternoon coffee.

Action Planning – facilitated by Anton Benc, Managing Partner, Benchmarking Partnerships.

  • Feedback to plenary of strengths/ opportunities learnt
  • Determine further learning needs for each participant and facilitated discussion
4.30pm Close

Feedback from a similar workshop in New Zealand

  • Well structured, good pace
  • Good break out sessions,
  • Well facilitated and presented, credible presenters
  • Mixing up of the groups with the activities
  • Lots of learning
  • Networking was valuable- good varied group


Commercial Proposal

Rates (in Australian Dollars) $690 plus GST per person per day - minimum investment is 4 people . This investment does not include tailoring or IP transfer for on-use within your organisation apart from use within your organisation only by course participants. Please contact us for a special discounted quote for a large number of people. A 25% security deposit will need to be paid upon agreement to proceed. Pre-agreed travel and accommodation for our facilitator/s will be invoiced at cost. Simply complete the expression of interest form below, and we will contact you to discuss your needs, thankyou.  


Your organisation to provide the venue and catering including equipment like computer projector, electronic whiteboard, post it notes, flip charts and pens. Your organisation to print materials provided by us prior to the workshop in electronic form. Your organisation may decide to capture notes / outcomes from each day via a scribe.

We trust this meets your needs and we are happy to customise this proposal of mixing and matching the content across any of the 2 days further to suit specific requirements.

Please click here to proceed to the registration form, to order or to express interest

Training Course: Management System Framework & Assessment for Results
Training workshop date: In House at a time to suit you

Phone: Bruce Searles 0418 267 794 or Anton Benc: 0409 145033

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