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Study Tour 2011

SAI Global Ltd in conjunction with Benchmarking Partnerships is organising a Best Practices Study Tour to visit and learn from the 2010 Business Excellence & Systems Award Winners. 

The tour will be from 16th- 20th May, 2011 involve workshops and site visits, across Australia in an advance scheduled 2011 program.

Site visits/presentations include 2010 award winning organisations: Toyota, Computershare, City of Marion, DORIC Group Holdings, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Converga, APC Logistics, Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, and Edith Cowan University.

During the tour you will be able to hear, see and discuss practical solutions and action planning. Site visits and presentations with the 2010 winners provide an ideal way to share learnings and creative ideas. 

You can choose your level of participation -  you can attend one day, selected days or the entire study tour program.

Please refer to detailed program below.

Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships

Learn firsthand from the 2010 Business Excellence & Systems Award Winners

Learn practical solutions, share knowledge and creative ideas with the recent 2010 Business Excellence & Systems Award Winners.

Learn how the 2010 Business Excellence & Systems Award Winners:

  • Focus on sustainable results, value and outcomes
  • Have a common sense of purpose and cultural direction
  • Understand the markets they operate in and what their customers value
  • Continually improve their systems
  • Build their organisational capability through their people
  • Embed a culture of continual improvement, innovation and learning
  • Use data, information and knowledge to improve decision making
  • Demonstrate society, community and environmental responsibility
  • Utilise sustainable and successful drivers and enablers of the Business Excellence Framework (Business Excellence winners)
  • Proudly demonstrate the Systems area of Excellence(Systems Award winners)

Benefits of attending the 2011 Business Excellence & Systems Winners Study Tour Program include:

  • Participating in the ‘Think-tank’ leadership discussions
  • Learning about the use of the Business Excellence Framework
  • Networking with your peers from Winning Organisations and on the Study Tour
  • A Certificate of participation in the Study Tour
  • A comprehensive Study Tour Manual including Memory Jogger Notes
  • Implementing your learnings with an Action Planning session 

SAI Global

Pre briefing - Monday 16 May, Melbourne VIC
Arrive at the Hotel Windsor, 111 Spring Street Melbourne CBD, for a participant briefing, then dinner at a local restaurant (own cost), nearby.
Day 1 - Tuesday 17 May, Melbourne VIC
Luxury Coach transport from the Hotel Windsor, 111 Spring Street to site at Computershare, 452 Johnson Street, Abbotsford.
9.00am Arrive at Computershare.

Computershare Limited       winner gold business excellence, 2010

Computershare (ASX:CPU) is an outsource organisation that is the global market leader in transfer agency and share registration, employee equity plans, proxy solicitation and stakeholder communications. We also specialise in corporate trust services, tax voucher solutions, bankruptcy administration and a range of other diversified financial and governance services.

Founded in 1978, Computershare is renowned for its expertise in data management, high volume transaction processing, payments and stakeholder engagement. Many of the world’s leading organisations use these core competencies to help maximise the value of their relationships with investors, employees, creditors, customers and members.

Computershare is represented in all major financial markets, operating in 20 countries, employing more than 10,000 employees worldwide; 30,000 clients worldwide; 1,900 in Australia and has a market cap of over $5 billion; 100,000,000 customer accounts worldwide; 12,000,000 in Australia.

In Australia, Operations delivers service to end customers on behalf of the clients who use Computershare’s services.

Operations completes approximately 7,000,000 business as usual interactions with customers per year, plus additional project assignments on top of this across multiple industry sectors (registry, fixed interest, structured products, financial services, government, BPO, FMCG).

Our commitment to business excellence across all facets of our business and all elements of the Business Excellence Framework has resulted in various industry awards over the years, culminating in a Gold Australian Business Excellence Award in 2010. Computershare Operations – Our Business Excellence Journey

The Computershare team will share their business excellence journey – their approach to the integration of the Business Excellence Framework and other core toolkits into their organisation. Through a series of presentations, case studies and interactive “on the floor” discussions, they will demonstrate where they were and where they are now, highlights and major achievements, key learnings and critical success factors, specifically focusing on:

  • strategy & planning and  information & knowledge - the value that can be derived from turning data into meaningful business insight for stakeholders
  • their philosophies and approach to staff engagement, leadership and capability development
  • their approach to process improvement, management and information and how they identify, manage and control their processes generally

and how each of these facets has shaped the change agenda and laid the foundations for providing excellence in operational service delivery, quality and certainty to their clients and customers.

The Computershare team you will meet/hear from include:

Graham Giannini – Director of Operations
Anna Papile – General Manager – Business Transformation Team
Michael Thwaites – Senior Manager – Communications Centre
Wesley Hall – Senior Manager – Transaction Services Group
Christian Boyd –Senior Manager – Business Planning Group
Judy Morgan – Senior Manager –People, Knowledge & Risk
Mark Brideson – Senior Manager – Business Technology Delivery

Converga      quality systems winner, 2010
3.15pm Converga is a leader in advanced information logistics, Software as a Service SaaS and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), delivering strategy and cost savings through things like innovative mailroom solutions, distribution and paperless financial solutions, automated documents and records, front of house solutions and intelligent imaging solutions.

Converga - One Company One Team, Lye Goh - Quality Manager, Converga

Our Vision is to revolutionise our solutions to enable paper and digital communication to converge, driving a broader and global market. To do this we need to ensure all our staff gain an understanding of where we are heading and how we are going to get there.

ONE is our common look and feel and the way we will connect across the company. It is how we will now think, feel and talk about developing our organisational capability. Ultimately, ONE will contribute to us achieving the company Vision, Mission and Values.

It will:

  • Help us create a sense of ‘one team’ throughout our widely spread organisation;
  • Help people to gain a sense of belonging and make it more obvious how they contribute to the bigger picture;
  • Bring our Vision, Mission and Values alive and make them more than just words.

Lye will discuss how Converga engage staff in the vision as well as the deployed quality system, sharing success factors, roadblocks and how these are being overcome.

Converga will present at Computershare in Melbourne.

Workshopping Handy Hints – facilitated by Benchmarking Partnerships

Workshop Groups of participants & speakers address:

  • what are the key messages and ideas from the visits and the presentations?
  • what ideas are coming from the other workshop participants?
  • what are the opportunities for you to take action?
Thankyou, and depart via coach to Hotel Windsor for a relief activity, networking and dinner.
Day 2 - Wednesday 18  May, Melbourne VIC
Check out and Luxury Coach transport from Hotel Windsor to site at Toyota Head Office, 155 Bertie St, Port Melbourne.

Toyota    environmental systems winner, 2010

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia is the largest  car maker and sales leader  in the Australian market . Toyota's has its head office and manufacturing facilities in Melbourne as well as Sales and Marketing Division in NSW. Employing 4600 staff,  Toyota is one of Australia's largest and most respected  businesses.

Arrival at Toyota, Head Office, Port Melbourne. Welcome and housekeeping. Jon Ward, Manager Environmental Policy Corporate Affairs, Strategy & Environment, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd
To manage its environmental risks as well as deliver environmental continual improvement, Toyota has developed the Toyota Environmental Management System(TEMS) which is certified at major sites to ISO 14001.
TEMS is a hybrid of ISO 14001, the Toyota Business System and Toyota's own Global EMS program. In 2010 Toyota Australia won the SAI Global Systems Excellence Award for TEMS.

This half day at Toyota will provide an opportunity to hear presentations on safety, environmental policy and environmental management  systems at Toyota and how TEMS is used to manage risk and deliver company  policy efficiently. You will also hear how the Toyota Production System and TEMS are operationalised through team member engagement.  You will also hear from Toyota about their  safety management systems.

Lunch and Networking- Toyota Bistro/Canteen.
Depart Toyota for APC Logistics, 264 Bay St, Port Melbourne.

APC Logistics         quality systems winner, 2010

APC Logistics Pty. Ltd. is an Australian owned International Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker. We operate out of 6 facilities in Australia with a total of 230 staff and are a people based company providing high level international supply chain logistics services to many large importers and exporters. Our mission is “Exceeding expectations to create lifetime loyalty” and our quality management system is designed around achieving this goal. We have three offices in Melbourne with our head office and Ocean operations in separate facilities in Port Melbourne and an airfreight office and warehouse at Keilor Park. The site visit is at our Victorian  Ocean operations office at 264 Bay Street Port Melbourne where we have 60 staff.

Arrive APC Logistics, Victorian Ocean and Customs Operations, 264 Bay Street, Port Melbourne Vic
  1. APC will open with an introduction in the Board Room
  2. Brief overview site tour of Customs, Ocean Forwarding and Customer service Victorian branch operations
  3. Presentation by National Manager Corporate Support covering the following:
  • How a quality management system can manage supply chain service requirements within a strictly regulated Government compliance environment
  • Strategy of using knowledge development through internal education programs utilising auspicing agreements with TAFE and Universities to grow market share against major multi-national competitors
  • Managing quality in a time sensitive international environment
  • Changing Government regulations to allow Quality controlled companies to manage there own inspections and documentary control across the entire international supply chain
  • Partnering with major importers to jointly manage transport safety through quality management
Depart for Melbourne airport for a 5.35pm Virgin Airlines Flight DJ239, arrive Adelaide at 6.30pm,  Check in at the Mercure Grosvenor hotel, 125 North Terrace/then dinner 7.30/8pm.
Day 3 - Thursday 19 May, Adelaide SA
Check out then Luxury Coach transport from the Mercure Grosvenor Hotel to site at the City of Marion, Marion Cultural Centre, 287 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park, ADELAIDE.
Arrive, housekeeping, brief welcome/introductions.

Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and Sunshine Coast Private hospital to present at City of Marion ADELAIDE.

Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital                food safety systems winner, 2010

The Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital is a 986 bed general, tertiary referral teaching hospital with a number of specialities including medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, psychiatry, oncology and trauma services. Women's and Newborn Services provide comprehensive care of obstetric, gynaecological and neonatal intensive care on an inpatient and outpatient basis. They are the largest tertiary referral hospital in Queensland and provides services to patients throughout the State, Northern New South Wales, the Northern Territory and from neighboring countries in the South West Pacific. The hospital fulfils a significant teaching and research role with links to Queensland's major tertiary institutions

Challenges and Achievements of Implementing a Food Safety Management System into a Large Multi Disciplinary Institution, Don BambryManager Food and Retail Services, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital(RBWH) is a 987 bed general, tertiary referral teaching hospital with a number of specialities including Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, Oncology, Trauma and Women’s and Newborn Services. The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital is the largest tertiary referral hospital in Queensland. The hospital fulfils a significant teaching and research role with links to Queensland’s major tertiary institutions.

The RBWH Food and Retail Services Department manages the provision of meals to patients and runs 9 Retail Cafes and a large catering business. The Department is split into two core areas being Patient Food Services and Retail Services.

In 2006 Food and Retail Services chose to take a lead for Queensland Health and take our Food Safety Program to a higher, more internationally recognised standard. As such we embarked on gaining ISO 22000. At this stage ISO 22000 had only just been released and the RBWH ultimately became the first Public Hospital in Australia (and arguably the world) to get certification. Issues that arose during the writing up and implementation of the program that were initially unsolvable were bypassed until a solution could be found later. Generally this meant that a better understanding of the principles was required and all too often we had to expand our own knowledge base. This was to hold us in good stead when we determined the level of appropriate training for our base level staff. To this day, throughout the industry, we see misinterpretations of HACCP principles. This lack of understanding only heightens the difficulties of implementing a management system but can also assist in gaining the appropriate approvals required. We encountered endless barriers to implementation.

Join Don Bambry, on this wild ride to a successful Quality journey as Don also shares how the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital will overcome the challenges of implementing ISO 22000.

The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital         people category business excellence winner, 2010

The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital is a not-for-profit organisation owned by the Uniting Church.  The Hospital is the largest private hospital on the Sunshine Coast and is highly regarded for the quality of care and the quality of its health care teams. A wide range of services is provided including the major specialities such as Intensive Care, Cardiovascular, Vascular, Obstetric and Gynaecology, General Surgery, Urology and Urodynamics, Cancer Care, General Medicine, Renal and Respiratory Services, Endocrinology, Mental Health, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Ear Nose and Throat  Orthopaedic and Endoscopic Services.

The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital is the proud People Category, Business Excellence Award recipient in 2010. Neil Whiteman, Quality & Risk Manager, The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital will present and share:
  • Their focus on developing a set of shared values and how behaviours have been influenced.
  • How they are moving from a traditional well ingrained health industry ‘blame culture’ to where it’s been replaced with openness, transparency and a shared level of confidence between Doctors and Nurses.
  • Orientation, Core competencies and a focus on bringing technology into the lives of staff in a meaningful and self involving way has led to a high level of engagement from staff where it is double the recorded health average. 
  • Focusing on sustainability for the Hospital in a changing environment in health has enabled the Hospital to think differently to achieve its great results.
Morning tea.

City of Marion        winner gold business excellence, 2010

The City of Marion is 10 km south of Adelaide and stretches to Hallett Cove in the south.  It has a population of approximately 80,000 residents and 7km of coastline. They delivering a large range of community services including local infrastructure construction and maintenance, parks, garbage services and other facilities.

Presenters:    Mark Searle (CEO), Andrew Lindsay (ManagerOrganisational Development), Peter Bice (Business Excellence Partner).

People and Leadership

Whenever chief executive officer Mark Searle is asked to describe what they are doing at the City of Marion in less than 50 words he replies: “It is about people and task. We are committed to getting better outcomes and also getting better at looking after people – no trade offs”. The focus on People is multi facetted; it is not simply about making sure people are happy at work. It is ensuring that they are enabled to develop, improve and succeed as individuals both in their personal lives and in the workplace.

The Council has a broad range of elements in place to ensure that they are providing the best blend of conditions while supporting its people.

Some of the initiatives at the City of Marion include:

  • Leadership for Success Program
  • Performance Partnering
  • Truth in Recruitment

The Council’s Employment Value Proposition (EVP) is how they brand their organisations to get a competitive edge in today's tightening talent market. EVP is not just about conditions or pay and reward it is a 'psychological contract' between the employee & employer. It is also about ensuring that the workplace is stimulating, participative and safe, where all staff members are empowered to achieve.
It is not enough to be ‘an employer of choice' the Council needs to position itself as an employer of first choice within a tightening employment market.

The City of Marion undertakes meaningful assessment and action planning to gain a picture of the predominant behaviours within each area of council and identify possible actions and development opportunities through its application of the Human Synergistics tools. This has identified statistically significant cultural change across the organisation from 2001 to the present, and resulted in a Transformational Change Award in 2007 and a Sustainable Transformation Award in 2010.

It is critically important that the Council measures not only the culture of the organisation, but people’s experiences throughout the life of the employment contract – from recruitment and induction, to time spent with the organisation and, ultimately, exit interviews upon leaving.
Importantly, the Council collects and reviews data collected at each of the lifecycle points to look for opportunities to improve the approach and deployment. Some of the key outcomes of this improved approach to people and culture include annual staff turnover reduced from 16 per cent in 2000 to less than 10 per cent in 2005- 2010.

The recent 2010 Business Excellence Awards assessment was also validation of the work City of Marion is doing around its people, with Category 4 the highest scoring in the assessment with the overall score resulting in Gold Award recognition for the organisation.

Handy Hints – facilitated by Benchmarking Partnerships

Workshop Groups of participants & speakers address:

  • what are the key messages and ideas from the visits and the presentations?
  • what ideas are coming from the other workshop participants?
  • what are the opportunities for you to take action?
Thankyou and depart Qantas Flight QF 595 at 5.15PM. Arrive Perth 7.05pm, check in ‘Seasons of Perth’ Hotel, 37 Pier St, Perth. Dinner nearby for around 8-8.15pm.
Day 4  - Friday 20 May, Perth WA
Luxury Coach transport from ‘Seasons of Perth’ Hotel to Edith Cowan University, 270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup. Perth.

Edith Cowan University       foundation business excellence winner, 2010

Edith Cowan University (ECU) is a large multi-campus institution serving communities in Western Australia and a significant cohort of international students. Awarded university status in 1991, ECU has since developed innovative and practical courses across a wide range of disciplines, established a vibrant research culture and attracted a growing range of quality research partners and researchers, many working at the cutting edge of their fields. ECU has more than 20,000 students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Approximately 4,000 of these are international students originating from over 90 countries. More than 400 courses are offered through four faculties: Business and Law, Computing, Health and Science, Education and Arts, which includes the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and Regional Professional Studies

Arrival and Welcome - Russell Noble, Manager, Buildings and Services, Facilities and Services Centre.
Presentation on the Edith Cowan University(ECU)Facilities and Service Centre Journey. The journey will be prefaced by the purpose of using the Business Excellence Framework(BEF) with the approach to provide excellence in customer service, deployed by seven cross functional teams(one for each category of excellence),led by team leaders, mentored by Branch Managers. This presentation will also cover initiatives undertaken by the teams and planned initiatives for 2011 plus planned deployment through the ECU Corporate Group  – facilitated by our Directorate Management Group (also team leaders of the Business Excellence Framework teams)  with questions and discussion
Morning Tea
Campus Site Tour of facilities, seeing Business Excellence in action, including the new Computing, Engineering and Technology Building being constructed by DORIC.
Wrap-up, thankyou, and depart via coach to DORIC Group Holdings. Feedback & reflections of learnings to continue on the coach out to DORIC Group Holdings, 1/420 Hay St, Subiaco.

DORIC Group Holdings   gold business excellence winner & excellence medal, 2010

DORIC is a General Contractor in engineering (resources, defence, infrastructure) and commercial construction, going to grow nationally.. Founded in Western Australia in 1989, DORIC’s long-term success can be attributed to its people, core values and world-class business systems. The Group's priorities are always quality, timeliness of execution and business excellence. DORIC has achieved business objectives well in excess of the national benchmark for the industry - including 30 per cent compound growth for the past 10 years - and developed a national reputation for excellence.  The Group's skills base and resources extend through every stage of a project, from conception and design, to construction and commissioning and includes many successful construction projects.

Arrival and welcome at DORIC Group Holdings. Lunch upon arrival.

DORIC, a current Gold Business Excellence and Excellence Medal recipient in 2010, is proudly sharing some key areas (below) and demonstrating in each presentation how the business has improved since adopting the framework.

1.15pm Leadership and Strategy. Peter Iancov CEO.
2.00pm Break for tea and coffee.
2.15pm Customer Service. Keith Somers Group Manager, Business Development.
3.00pm Health, Safety & Environment – Tony Wittcomb, HSE Manager.
3.20pm Information & Knowledge – Richard Rhodes, Information, Communication & Technology Manager.
3.45pm Break
4.00pm Workshopping Handy Hints and Action Planning from best practices learnt during the tour – facilitated by Benchmarking Partnerships

Workshop Groups of participants & speakers address:

  • what are the key messages and ideas from the visits and the presentations?
  • what ideas are coming from the other workshop participants?
  • what are the opportunities for you to take action?
  • Facilitated action planning for EACH participant, your next steps, what else do you need to know
5.00pm Wrap-up summary of Tour by Benchmarking Partnerships. Thank you to all.  Drinks, cheese and networking.
5.30pm Tour close - depart by coach to Perth domestic airport, for those participants travelling back interstate.

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