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Benchmarking Partnerships



Awareness - How to do Benchmarking - 1 day Training Program

    Learn the value and opportunity of BEST practice benchmarking and awareness for how to apply Benchmarking in your organization in our Certificate level 1 One day Benchmarking Training.

    Benchmarking is a strategic discovery process and to then transform significant benefit and change for desired results. Organisationally knowing what to be benchmarking from strategic drivers focuses the discovery, adaption of optimum practices underpinned by changing processes and systems in a relentless business improvement seeking culture. This will realise sustainable and significant benefit.

    This outline Level 1- Benchmarking Training program is positioned for teams in organisations to be enlightened about the value and opportunity of Benchmarking for their business unit/overall organisation and their local workplace including internal and external partners as appropriate.

    Program - either in-house or public workshop

    Level 1 - Benchmarking training awareness

    9.00am Registration - arrival coffee / tea
    9.15am Welcome, Introductions, Program, facilitating key issues for participants to focus the program on participant’s expectations – Anton Benc and/or Bruce Searles, Facilitators, Benchmarking Partnerships.

    Overview of Benchmarking- Anton Benc, and/or Bruce Searles Managing Partners, Benchmarking Partnerships.

    Anton and/or Bruce will lead participants through a shared understanding of Benchmarking and ‘bringing to life’ principles, tools and case study examples:
    • What is Benchmarking and what it is Not.
    • Types of benchmarking
    • Benchmarking your business in context
    • Benchmarking as an improvement tool
    • Process innovation
    • The relationship between benchmarking and strategy for optimum process improvement including impact on organisational structure.
    • When should benchmarking be undertaken
    • How to get started and gaining buy-in
    • Applicable methodologies
    • Having and applying a Code of Conduct

    This session includes morning tea.


    Value of Benchmarking for YOUR organisation

    Anton and/or Bruce will guide participants to reflect on their own work areas and on how they can best serve the organisation by focussing on the processes/activities where they can impact change and influence how benchmarking enables the learning of very good practices through planning and collaboration with other benchmarking partners from a planned and proven best practice methodology. Local, international and internal case studies will be shared to engage participants with anticipation of the benchmarking opportunity for significant change and improvement for their local work areas and hence for the overall organisation.

    This session includes lunch.


    Opportunity of Benchmarking for YOUR Organisation

    Participants will be guided through a best practice methodology which will include and outline the merit and rigor of some key steps, and agree on a suitable methodology for the participants to apply in their workplace. The overall methodology is a 4 stage process including the review cycle.

    Content in this session includes an awareness and overview of:

    • Topic selection from an enterprise/organisational strategic needs perspective.
    • Selecting a sponsor, buy-in, the brief and support including the ‘business case’
    • Communications planning(engagement and consultation)
    • Selecting, initiating and supporting the benchmarking team
    • The Benchmarking program/project planning
    • Identification and selection of benchmarking partners
    • Working with benchmarking partners and the ‘buy-in’ for partners to participate
    • Selecting measures and data collection
    • Strategy Mapping
    • Data analysis and reporting the strengths, opportunities etc
    • Recognising the participants learning needs from the analysis reports for targeting partners to share their strengths, including the process to share knowledge/ good practices.
    • Media of connecting partners together to share including communications for sharing and logistics for sharing.
    • Site visits, forums, workshop templates and ‘handy hints’
    • Team participation, building partner relationships, sponsor and process owner communications, engaging other stakeholders as required and reporting from the lessons learnt
    • Feedback and consultation with stakeholder for recommendations
    • Recommendations business case/ project plan
    • Monitoring and communications planning
    • Transfer of knowledge through implementation
    • Monitoring and review including benefits realisation.

    This session will include afternoon tea


    Next steps and Action Planning

    This session will include progressing practical benchmarking with suitable guidelines and a deployment plan for YOUR organisation, this may include the opportunity for individuals to apply for MasterClass level 2- Benchmarking Training. Feedback and further specific learning needs for each participant in their ‘Action Planning’. Issuing of Certificates of Level 1 Benchmarking.

    5.00pm Close

    To register your interest to participate in a Certificate Level 1 - upcoming public course or host an internal training course for your team at your organisation, please call Anton or Bruce at Benchmarking Partnerships to discuss your needs.

    Phone: Anton Benc – 0409 145 033 or Bruce Searles – 0418 267 794

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