Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships


Workshop Host/Venue:

Melbourne, CitiPower/Powercor, Electric House,  Room G9, ground floor, 40 Market Street (corner of Flinders Lane and Market St)  


Tuesday 16th June, 2009.


9.00am – 5.00pm

How important is Benefits Realisation for you?

Benefit realisation though key to organisation success at any time, is  critical to organisation survival in the current and foreseeable future business environment, where ROI must be realised on every investment or run the risk of creating the triggers for organisation failure.

Every organisation must optimise its investment choices and ensure they have the capabilities to safeguard those investments and the organisation’s strategic intentions. Every organisation must ask itself "Do we have everything we need in place to guarantee benefits realisation?" If they don't they should be seeking to develop this core competency, quickly.

The ultimate measure of organisation success is the delivery of its strategy, and the realisation of the expected (and often publicised) benefits. Strong project execution capability is critical to achieving consistently successful project delivery and to optimise realisation of expected business and strategic benefits.  

Benefits realisation is an essential management competency to ensure alignment of project and strategic outputs. It is a critical component of creating an environment in which transition from project to operations is effective and to ensuring an ongoing focus on benefit capture.

This workshop will focus on explaining the benefits realisation process in the context of the organizational strategy to execution lifestyle.

Learning Outcomes:
  • What is the benefit management process and its components
  • Establishing and tracking performance through KPI’s
  • Management system supporting infrastructure
  • Leadership climate to optimize sustainable gains
  • Stakeholder buy-in on the business case, assumptions and benefit management process.
  • Competencies and success factors
  • Understand and know how to apply a best practice evaluation methodology to use, how to analyse and key factors
  • Focusing on chains of evidence and “cradle to grave” evaluation.
  • Reporting of results – best methods
  • YOUR ISSUES and lessons learned
  • Learn from and network with Rob Loader see CV attached plus guest speaker Michael Hortz and other participants in an action packed day - Harvesting BEST PRACTICES and 'Think-tank' discussion
  • Participate in 'Hands-on' learning
  • Participate in facilitated discussion about strengths of leading
  • A comprehensive workshop manual is issued for all delegates
  • Receive Memory Jogger Notes of the day's proceedings
  • Delegate and speaker contact list provided
  • Share the lessons learned, and experience through benchmarking knowledge exchange
  • Our Benchmarking Code of Conduct protects confidentiality and privacy


9.00am Coffee on arrival, registration
9.10am Welcome, Introductions, & Program – Anton Benc, Facilitator, Benchmarking Partnerships
9.40am STRATEGY TO EXECUTION LIFECYCLE, Rob Loader, International Benefits Realisation Expert (see CV) – Rob will share an overview of Benefits Realisation – the process and key components,  and discuss benefits realization in the context of deployment of the strategy to the execution lifecycle. Rob will highlight the importance of establishing a benefits realisation environment and supporting infrastructure to optimize benefits capture from projects

Morning Coffee

11.00am KPI’s FOR BENEFITS REALISATION, Rob Loader. In this session Rob will explain the role of KPI’s in tracking and managing benefits performance. He will discuss the types of benefits and KPI’s, the process to identify and define various KPI’s and the requirements to establish accountability frameworks for ongoing performance reporting and management

WORKSHOPPING HANDY HINTS  – Anton Benc, Benchmarking Partnerships & Rob Loader:

  • what ideas came from the morning sessions?
  • what ideas are coming from other workshop participants
  • how do they link to what you already know?
  • where are the opportunities for you?
12.30pm Lunch and networking

BENEFITS REALISATION CASE STUDY, Special Guest Speaker, Michael Hortz, General Manager Alliance Services, Linkwater Projects (see CV). Michael Hortz will share his vast experience managing a variety of multimillion dollar projects, with an emphasis on strategy execution, return on investment and benefits realization. Michael has worked on major infrastructure and improvement projects conducted within organisations and delivered to communities through innovative partner alliances such as the BWEA(Brisbane Water Enviro Alliance), BCAA (Brisbane Caboolture Aquifer Alliance) and SRWPA (Southern Regional Water Pipeline Alliance) projects . These projects were delivered before time in full and with incentives for all stakeholders.

2.15pm LEADERSHIP CULTURE & BUY-IN, Anton Benc. Anton will share the Leadership and change management culture needed to drive and foster benefits realization for improvement projects. Anton will also share how to create the ‘passion’ for Benefits Realisation and processes to measure the engagement and success across the organisation. Customer and stakeholder buy-in will also be discussed
2.45pm Coffee

WORKSHOPPING BENEFITS REALISATION FOR YOU, Rob Loader, International Benefits Realisation Expert – Rob will lead and conduct a facilitated practical workshop to develop your own Benefits Realisation plan including KPI’s. Rob will cover what assumptions in the absence of data should we consider to base evaluations, accounting for these assumptions, optimum methodologies to use – decision trees, key factors in the evaluation, KPIs, accounting for external factors, using chains of evidence ‘cradle to grave’ evaluation, measures and best methods of reporting results, organisational, people and system impacts, links to strategy etc.

4.45pm Facilitated discussion of learnings with participants – next steps
5.00pm Close

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