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Best Practices Compendium

This document describes how Benchmarking Partnerships will research and report Global best practices that suit your specific learning and improvement needs as the sponsor. We will deliver this final report to you utilising our global and local networks that reach more than 50,000 people to reveal the latest and innovative practices from our best practice partners around the globe.

Your Scope:

Benchmarking Partnerships will research and prepare this Compendium of Best Practices report directed from your topic and scope of learning needs. To initiate your sponsorship, simply advise of a handful of learning need areas or scope ie:

  • Your learning need 1
  • Your learning need 2
  • Your learning need 3
  • Your learning need 4
  • Your learning need 5

Your scope, which will be the focus of  our best practice research is your choice, and we recommend including other organisations within and also outside your industry, as this will bring a wider and richer perspective where often very good practices are discovered outside one’s own industry. (We can help you identify these scope items using strategic assessment and prioritisation tools if you wish).


An interim report will be delivered 12 weeks after project commencement and a final report 4 months after project commencement. Our delivery time can be reduced to match your business integration or urgent needs as required.

Our Sourcing, Research and Compilation:

Best Practice information in the Compendium will be researched and sourced from Australian and International organisations who have achieved success in one or more of the above criteria. The report will cover the ingredients of innovative best practices used by these leading organisations and aspects of the deployment, including:

  • What they do?
  • How they do it?
  • How well they do it (deployment)?
  • How they know how well they do it? – the results, measurement KPIs and tools
  • What they have recently improved?
  • What are their next steps and future directions?
  • What they would do differently if they had their time again and why?
  • What else have they learned and how this has been helpful?

Your investment:

$9,800 to $18,000 (plus Australian GST) depending on the scope and complexity thanks.

Investment by your organisation (as a sponsor) or group of organisations(to share sponsorship) is $9,800 to $18,000 (plus Australian GST) depending on the scope and complexity, (exclusive of  any local taxes in your country) – 20% payable up front to commence the contract, 40% payable after interim report and 40% after the final report.
There is an additional $2,900 plus GST fee for comparison of benchmark data or where we have to engage a topic expert. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Compendium Flow Chart


You have the right to have the information provided “blinded” of your identity. We will not disclose your name or information in any general communications and will consult you before disclosing your name and details to any potential benchmarking partners. Please advise any other conditions you would like to include.

Sponsors of the report have the right to exclude specific competitors from participating or receiving a copy of the report.

Exclusivity for a honeymoon period:

The Compendium report would initially only be available to your organisation and contributing organisations  and then after 6 months Benchmarking Partnerships would have the right to publish and retail the report, “blinded” of organisation identity for the benefit of wider knowledge sharing.

Recent Best Practice Compendiums we have compiled include:

  • Asset Management and OPEX
  • Triple Bottom Line
  • Leadership Development
  • Corporate Finance
  • Internal Communications
  • Customer Centricity
See here for more information

Note that also Internal Training Programs, tailored to your needs, are available for the above topics.

Follow – up Networking one-day Benchmarking Workshop (Optional).

After completion of the compendium, Benchmarking Partnerships can plan and facilitate a Networking Benchmarking Workshop or a Study Mission for the benefit of knowledge sharing between best practice partners. Please contact us for further information.

Please note our differentiators for you – as reported by our customers:

With us, you will experience:

  1. Custom tailoring to your Needs and Budget – not one size fits all
  2. Competency, Skills and Intellectual Property Transfer to Your Organisation – we’d rather not keep coming back
  3. Face to Face delivery by both or one of our Managing Partners – Bruce and/or Anton – 50 years experience
  4. Measuring and knowing how you are going both now and in the futureSelf assessment frameworks/tools based on your business
  5. Hand’s on personalised support services – linking knowledge and connecting partners together
  6. Global Best Practices – through our regular contacts across professional links to 50,000 people

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