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This document identifies how Benchmarking Partnerships will research and report best practices that suit your specific learning and improvement needs. We will deliver this final report to you utilising our global and local networks of more than 15,000 people/key contacts to reveal the latest and innovative practices from our best practice partners around the globe.

We are seeking sponsors for this Project – expect very high value in return for your small investment and the report will be targeted to your specific needs.

YOUR SCOPE OF LEARNING? – these items for research will change to suit sponsors’ specific needs.

Benchmarking Partnerships will research and prepare a Compendium of Best Practices report regarding Corporate & Social Responsibility covering your scope of learning needs, which may include:

  • Strategic planks –  leadership role modelling, good ethics, protection of public health, safety and environment, community value-adding & benefits realisation, corporate citizenship
  • Impact on the community – community vision, strategic alignment and deployment of how the organisation assesses the risks, business activities and practices to achieve its community vision
  • Contribution to the community – decision making process and corporate and social behaviours for involvement and engagement beyond core business, and how outcomes link to the organisations’ purpose
  • Measurement and learning – what and how the organisation learns corporate and social excellence through organisation excellence, community involvement programs, good corporate citizenship etc.
  • Support structures, connection & networks – outreach and business/ community networks to communicate messages, deliver value, engaging an infectious commitment to the community mission, influencing other organisations to partner for these purposes
  • Organisational leadership & engagement – practical belief and a passion to serve the community through the organisation that is measured and propagates community value and celebration with other key influential and decision making stakeholders
  • Image and Brand – how the organisation builds community respect and value with leadership as a good corporate citizen
  • What’s next for CSR?
  • Knowing and understanding what you don’t yet know you need to know
  • Your Learning Needs …..

The scope of our best practice research is your choice so please feel free to modify the above scope items.

However we recommend including other organisations outside your industry in our searches, as this will bring a wider perspective and often very good innovative practices are discovered outside one’s own industry.

An interim report will be delivered 6 weeks after project commencement and a final report three months after project commencement.


For this project Benchmarking Partnerships will be working with CSR Practitioner Fiona Stewart, Director Fianian Pty Ltd – . Fiona is an experienced strategic business management consultant who has worked in a wide range of commercial, public sector organisations and government business enterprises in the areas of Social and Corporate Responsibility within Australia and is internationally renowned.

Fiona’s experience has consistently been at the leading edge of large-step organisational change programs – working to build organisational and community capability to achieve corporate and social strategic directions.

On a personal front, since 2003 Fiona has been assisting rural communities in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Pacific with the development of income generation activities and the establishment of social enterprises.  She has contributed to a range of projects working with trafficked and street children in Vietnam, Nepal and Uganda.  She has also helped in the early design of a maternity and neonatal intensive care ward for mothers and children in a rural community in Uganda.

Fiona will share her experience and lead participants through understanding of the frameworks and climate for setting strategy and deployment of social and corporate responsibility throughout the organisation including buy-in, sponsorship, leadership role modelling, engagement with staff, support processes and structures, image and brand etc.

Fiona will compare and contrast the various options for a focus on CSR by organisations and pose some questions for consideration when organisations are embarking along the Corporate Social Responsibility path.

Fiona will also engage her key CSR associates to contribute as well.


You have the right to exclude competitors and we will not include others in the employment services industry. We will not disclose your name or information in any general communications and will consult you before disclosing your name and details to any potential benchmarking partners. Please advise any other conditions you would like to include.


Best Practice information in the Compendium will be sourced from Australian and international organisations who have achieved success in one or more of the above criteria, including from Benchmarking Partnerships recent benchmarking of internal communications. The report will cover the ingredients of innovative best practices used by these leading organisations and aspects of (ADRI) including the deployment:

  • What they do?
  • How they do it?
  • How well they do it (deployment)?
  • How they know how well they do it? – measurement KPIs and tools
  • Costs and benefits?
  • What they have recently improved?
  • What are their next steps?
  • What they would do differently if they had their time again and why?
  • Challenges faced and how they are overcome?
  • What else have they learned?


Investment by your organisation is up to $8,800 plus GST total cost - half payable after interim report and the other half after the final report. This cost can be shared between up to 4 contributing organisations – reducing your investment to possibly only $2,200 plus GST, depending on how many contribute. This International Compendium to draw on our Global Benchmarking Network and Asian Productivity Organisation community across over 40 countries and 5 Continents, as well as CSR Practitioner Fiona Stewart.


The Compendium report would initially only be available to your organisation and to other contributing organisations; and then after 6 months Benchmarking Partnerships would have the right to publish and retail the report, “blinded” of organisation identity and only after each contributing organisation has had the opportunity to approve / change content..

View the flowchart for the conduct of the research and compendium reporting.

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Investment by your organisation: Investment by your organisation or group of organisations is $5,000 plus GST for an Australian compendium - half payable after interim report and the other half after the final report. There is an additional $2,500 plus GST fee for an International compendium ie $7,500 plus GST total cost. 

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