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Appendices—see separate documents

  1. Best Practices Compendium Proposal – Internal Communications
  2. Internal Communications Training by Benchmarking Partnerships – 2 page brief
  3. Internal Communications Benchmark Survey Tool
  4. Communications Marketing Benchmark Survey
  5. Communications Principles
  6. Agenda Template
  7. Communications Strategy Working Template
  8. Novus Mater Case Study
  9. Best Practice Guide – Lancashire Communications Network
  10. Staff Climate Survey Tracking Continuous Improvement
  11. CMA Internal Branding Best Practices
  12. Communications Engagement Framework Case Study
  13. asos full growth case study
  14. Saffron House – Remote Employees Case Study
  15. Baxter Health Care Dispersed Employees Case Study
  16. Internal Communications- Benchmark Tool
  17. SnapComms Technology Communications Tools
  18. iHug Technology Case Study
  19. Writing Effectively CIVICUS
  20. CIVICUS Internal Communications Toolkit
  21. GE Leadership Plan Assessment
  22. GE Manager Plan
  23. LaSer UK Dispersed use of Technology
  24. WINTEC Case Study – Academic Environment
  25. Huddle Template
  26. Internal BP McKeel Duke
  27. Dispersed Case Study
  28. APQC Brand Building and Communication Publication
  29. Internal Email Overload Case Study
  30. HMRC
  31. Audience Analysis
  32. Strategy Mapping – Customer Centricity
  33. Intranet Dashboard
  34. Seek Case Study – Intranet Dashboard

1. Executive Summary

1.1  Aim of this Compendium/Preface by Sponsors

The aim of this Compendium is to report the very good practices of leading organisations on how they plan and deploy Internal Communications within organisations, with a particular emphasis on fast growing and widely dispersed organisations.

  • How do leading organisations do this? How do they use internal communications to gain alignment, employee buy-in, engagement and motivation?

  • The outcomes the sponsor is aiming for by finding and implementing innovative Communications Best Practices include:

  • Improved employee buy-in, particularly their full understanding of why they are there—line of sight to the Vision and to the organisational effort overall as well as to their own “patch”

  • Engagement of people in transformation and growth

  • Transparency and responsiveness of global communications

  • Improved response from staff regarding relevance of messages from management

  • Reduced miss-hearing of messages and the resultant loss of efficiency and effectiveness brought about by the need to redress communications

  • Improved results from the staff climate survey

1.2  Scope of this Compendium Benchmarking Partnerships has researched and prepared a Compendium of Best Practices report regarding Internal Communications covering the following scope of learning needs:

  • Innovative practices regarding internal communications in geographically distributed and / or rapidly growing organisations, and also in organisations with a number of different service / product streams

  • Formal and informal communications—clear, transparent, understood and effective

  • Communications up / down and across the organisational silos—overcoming silo thinking

  • Types of communications, fit for purpose/receiver, timeliness, types of messages, communication channels used, understanding/feedback, two-way communications, review, improvement

  • How to measure communications efficiency, quality and effectiveness

  • How to train staff and managers to be better communicators and how to support them, including verbal and written communications—competence requirements and competence development

  • Systems, processes, policies and tools for communications

  • How to make better use existing communication processes and technologies such as WebEx, Intranet, video conferencing, file servers

  • Knowing and understanding what you don’t yet know you need to know

1.3  Method for compiling this Compendium

The detailed flowchart methodology for compiling this Compendium is shown on the last page of this report. The outline approach of Best Practice information in the Compendium has been sourced from Australian and international organisations who have achieved success in one or more of the above scope criteria, including from Benchmarking Partnerships’ recent benchmarking of internal communications. The report covers the ingredients of innovative best practices used by these leading organisations and aspects shown below, including the deployment:

  • What they do?
  • How they do it?
  • How well they do it (deployment)?
  • How they know how well they do it?—measurement KPIs and tools
  • Costs and benefits?
  • What they have recently improved?
  • What are their next steps?
  • What they would do differently if they had their time again and why?
  • Challenges faced and how they are overcome?
  • What else have they learned?

Internal Communications Compendium Flowchart Methodology

Flow chart

International Compendium of Best Practice

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