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One of your progressive benchmarking partners, MidCoast Water is seeking practical guidance on a key Balanced Outcomes objective of their new one page long term strategic plan.  They wish to be able to further improve their use of Triple Bottom Line (Social / Environment / Economic) data to make strategic and operational decisions.

To do this they need assistance in how to develop and use a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of their Triple Bottom Line performance.  How have leading organisations done this? How do they use a balanced KPI to make investment decisions and realise balanced benefits for their community and other stakeholders?

Scope / Coverage

MidCoast Water delivers water and sewerage services to 35,000 households and businesses in the Manning and Great Lakes communities on the NSW Mid North Coast —

Benchmarking Partnerships will research and prepare a Compendium of Leading Practices report regarding your topic and scope of learning needs. At this stage the scope includes how leading organisations:

  • Define sustainability and its reporting and its role as a management tool
  • Identify the measures used for environmental, social/community and financial
  • Weight the three components relative to one another in an overall index of performance
  • Combine these measures into one meaningful KPI
  • Convert this KPI towards a view of asset value including natural and built assets
  • Identify, quantify and realise balanced benefits through investments amongst the three components including cost:benefit analysis
  • Report and make decisions – key objectives and target audiences
  • Incorporate the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) into reporting & decision making
  • Communicate and build confidence amongst the customers and the community
  • Your learning needs?

Our leading practice research aims to include other Water / Sewerage providers, other utilities, other local government and other public and private enterprises including mining and oil companies.

Benefits for You

If you would like to contribute to the Compendium you will also receive a free copy of the final report. You can also add to the Scope items above so that the final report addresses your needs too.

An interim report will be delivered to you by the end of October and a final report by mid-December.

The Compendium report would initially only be available to your organisation and contributing organisations:;  and then after 6 months Benchmarking Partnerships would have the right to publish and retail the report, “blinded” of organisation identity if the sponsor and contributors desire this. You will have the opportunity for your final approval of the Report’s contents under our Benchmarking Code of Conduct

Further Details

Leading Practice information in the Compendium will be sourced from Australian and international organisations who have achieved success in one or more of the above Scope criteria. The report will cover the Ingredients of innovative practices used by these leading organisations and aspects of the deployment, including:

  • What they do
  • How they do it
  • How well they do it (deployment)
  • How they know how well they do it – measurement KPIs and tools
  • What they have recently improved
  • What are their next steps
  • What they do differently if they had their time again and why
  • What else have they learned

See Flow Chart of Compendium Reporting Process

The report will  include MidCoast Water’s current status and thinking regarding the topic and scope.

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TOPIC: Leading Practice Compendium Triple Bottom Line KPI

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Investment by your organisation: Nil $. You will receive a free copy of the Interim and Final reports and you can also influence the coverage / scope to address your own learning needs

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