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Australian Benchmarking Awards—Expression of Interest (EOI)

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Phone: Anton Benc – +61 409 145 033 or Bruce Searles – +61 418 267 794

Please describe your Benchmarking and context and where applied

How does your organisation identify and implement best practices? Is this in a few areas or across the organisation?
How is internal knowledge captured and shared as well as knowledge gained from other organisations?
Do you use a structured benchmarking methodology for identifying and implementing best practices? Is this methodology reviewed?
Are benchmarking projects/initiatives aligned to strategic imperatives and their contribution assessed? What has been the organisational impact of benchmarking?
Are benchmarking projects supported by senior management from initiation to implementation to review? Examples of projects?
How do you ensure benchmarking projects are conducted in an ethical manner?
Is there an openness to sharing with others (as well as learning from others)?
Is training and experienced support provided for benchmarking teams?
Is there a focus on benchmarks (comparing numbers) or on benchmarking (learning from the best practices of other organisations)?
Is benchmarking restricted to learning from competitors or is learning from other parts of your organisation and from outside your industry encouraged
Have you been able to achieve significant improvements from use of Benchmarking?
How do you continually update and improve your Benchmarking program?

If our pre-assessment is successful, we are willing to consider participation in the Australian Awards and pay the $550 (inc. GST)  National judgement and participation fee (for one person, and a 50% discount for the second and subsequent people from the same qualifying organisation) at a workshop to share and judge our application at a National workshop on Tuesday 20th and/or Wednesday 21st August 2013 at a city to be determined weighted from the basis of numbers of qualifiers. All participants will pay their own costs(travel/Accom etc as needed).

If our Australian final assessment is successful, we are willing to consider participation in the Global Best Practice and Benchmarking competition in Singapore on 30th and 31st October, 2013. (extra fees may apply)

I understand that our submitted best practice or benchmarking application may be considered for publication by Benchmarking Partnerships but that no details of our submitted best practice or benchmarking (apart from the title and our organisation / department name) will be published or communicated to others without our prior approval

Thankyou and we will be in touch to discuss your expression of interest further as needed
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