Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships



Workshop Host/Venue:
Melbourne. Computershare, 452 Johnson St, Abbotsford.

Workshop date & time:
Thursday 13th August, 2009
9.00am – 4.45pm

Program Overview:

AMP – Innovation at AMP

COMPUTERSHARE LIMITED – Striving for Excellence

SOUTH EAST WATER – Innovation in Action ‘Brain Waves’.

DYNAMIC HORIZONS  –Innovation Excellence

Focus on PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS based on case study experience of real organisations, with TAKE AWAY templates and tools

Innovation should lead your organisation into new dimensions of performance and be part of the learning culture across the organisation.

Workshop Learning Outcomes: Learn practically from leading organizations and practitioners –
  • What constitutes an innovative organisation? and what are the critical success factors to develop and sustain innovation
  • Leadership imperatives, gaining buy-in and engagement, fostering and nurturing a supportive culture and underpinning environment
  • Practical models, frameworks and strategies for driving Innovation
  • Innovation integration into the daily work and alignment into the organization supported by the performance improvement system
  • People strategies and developing organisational innovation capabilities eg recognition & reward
  • Tools, techniques and processes for effective Innovation impact
  • Emerging practices in organisation-wide innovation programs e.g. idea management processes
  • Engaging executives, management, employees in innovation
  • Developing an “Innovation Toolbox”
  • Assessment and measures of innovation
  • What worked, what has failed in the past, emerging future needs , so you can avoid the pitfalls from the past
  • Learn from and network with guest speakers and other participants  - Harvesting BEST PRACTICES and 'Think-tank' discussion
  • A FREE copy of a previous Innovation Best Practices report from nine leading organisations ‘ How to Engage the Whole Organisation in Becoming an Innovative Enterprise’
  • Workshop what ideas came from the experiences of the organisations presenting and other participants, how do they link to what you already know & where are the opportunities for you?
  • Participate in 'Hands-on' learning
  • Participate in facilitated discussion about strengths of leading
  • A comprehensive workshop manual is issued for all delegates
  • Receive Memory Jogger Notes of the day's proceedings
  • Delegate and speaker contact list provided
  • Share the lessons learned and experiences - knowledge exchange
  • Learn about what you need to know as well as what you didn’t know you needed to know
  • Our Benchmarking Code of Conduct protects confidentiality and privacy
8.50am Registration - arrival coffee / tea
9.00am Welcome, Introductions, Program – identification of YOUR LEARNING NEEDS – Anton Benc, Facilitator, Benchmarking Partnerships

Striving for Excellence,  Anna Papile, Senior Manager Business Solutions Group, COMPUTERSHARE LIMITED

Computershare Limited is a Business Excellence Bronze Award winner 2008.

Computershare is a global leader in share registration, employee equity plans, proxy solicitation and other specialized financial, governance and communication services. They service approximately 14,000 corporations and in Australia have some 1,400 clients. They listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1994 with an initial market capital of $36 million which has now grown to over $6 billion. 

As an innovative and constantly evolving organisation, Computershare Limited has invested significantly in the area of innovation and 'thought leadership'.  As a winner of Call Centre of the Year and more recently ABE Bronze Award winner in 2008, Computershare's strategies for sustained business improvement have proven successful.  Anna will provide an overview of Computershare's approach to fostering innovation through the engagement and valuable input of staff and clients.  She will provide examples of the various methods used within Computershare and will share learnings about their change journey.


Innovation in Action ‘ Brain Waves’, Kate O’Keeffe, Innovation Manager, SOUTH EAST WATER LIMITED

South East Water is a provider of water, sewerage, trade waste and water-saving services for residents and businesses in an area ranging from the South East of Melbourne to South Gippsland. We are one of Melbourne’s three water retailers owned by the Victorian Government. South East Water is a previous Australian Business Excellence Award Gold Winner.

Innovation is important for South East Water to create solutions to the numerous challenges facing its industry. Started at the end of 2004, ‘Brain Waves’ is the vehicle through which South East Water supports and develops innovation across the company. As part of a broader cultural change program, Brain Waves really started to gain traction in mid-2005 and has now had significant successes throughout South East Water.

In this session Kate will describe how Brain Waves used internal communications and innovation events to win over senior, middle and ground level support. She will also discuss how employees were encouraged to take responsibility for incremental innovation and then to start focusing on more substantial initiatives. Successes, challenges and roadblocks will be shared, as will Brain Waves’ future aspirations.  

10.45am Morning Coffee

Facilitated workshop and networking on practical solutions and the way forward regarding your issues in Innovation

  • what ideas came from the presentations?
  • what ideas are coming from other workshop participants?
  • where are the opportunities for you to take action?
  • what are your further learning needs?

Innovation at AMP, Annalie Killian, IT Director, Innovation, Collaboration & Communication.

AMP is a leading wealth management company with more than 3.4 million customers and 4,100 employees in Australia and New Zealand. AMP is Australia's largest retail and corporate superannuation provider, and one of the region's most significant investment managers with more than A$117 billion in assets under management (as at 30 June 2008). We have a market-leading distribution capability with a network of more than 2,000 qualified financial planners. One in six Australians are AMP customers, meaning that almost every Australian barbeque function includes an AMP policy-holder.

"Annalie Killian is AMP's Catalyst for Magic. Working as a Director in IT reporting to the group CI, she has functional responsibility for Intranet & Communication, Collaboration and Innovation- a role she has held since 2000 and which continuously evolves as the business, socio-economic and technology landscape evolves. "

Annalie will share a few specific examples of initiatives in AMP that advances the Innovation agenda, both at a process as well as cultural level, and welcomes questions and conversations from participants around these, so that the learning arises out of the sharing of stories rather than a one-directional presentation.

The conversation opportunities would be around:

  • Social Media tools to drive an "open innovation" culture and mass-collaboration Creativity Bootcamp
  • AMPLIFY- the bi-annual AMP Innovation & Thought Leadership Festival
    Infobites- Monthly Thought Leadership
  • Ideas Playground- a time-boxed campaign-based ideation process around specific growth challenges
  • Innov8- a continuous improvement idea management process

12.30pm Lunch and networking.

Innovation Excellence  – Jason Cotton, Consultant and Facilitator, DYNAMIC HORIZONS.

Dynamic Horizons is a Melbourne, Australia based firm whose mission is to help organisations throughout the Asia-Pacific region develop a systemic capability for innovation and develop a culture that supports it.

Innovation is indeed a discretionary behaviour. You can not make people “be innovative” or freely give their creative intellect to the company. As a manager, you have no way of knowing what creative ideas and solutions are rattling around in someone’s head. It is therefore critical to create an environment within your team/group/organisation that people trust enough to exercise this discretionary behaviour we call innovation. All too often in organisations, the creative body that came up with the killer idea is then charged with that ideas development and commercialisation.

“Failure” often occurs simply because the person does not have the business skills to understand the market, develop the business model or construct an appropriate collaboration network. This is a failure of leadership, yet we are very quick to blame the innovation or the innovator, thus generating a fear of being an innovator. The result – an organisation full of people who believe it is too personally risky to “have a go”. It is the leaders role to ensure that the innovation opportunity is resourced with highly capable people, including executive time and funding. Further, the people involved need to be encouraged, supported and indeed up skilled in key business skill areas. Leaders also need to be mindful of how they interact with their innovators. In this session, Jason will discuss the leadership behaviours that enable and disable innovation, and how to create an environment where people feel comfortable exercise their innovation muscle.


Facilitated workshop and networking on practical solutions and the way forward regarding your issues in Innovation:

WORKSHOPPING HANDY HINTS  - facilitated by Anton Benc

  • what ideas came from the presentations?
  • what ideas are coming from other workshop participants?
  • where are the opportunities for you to take action?
  • what are your further learning needs?
3.00pm Afternoon Tea.

Innovation Solutions for YOUR issues  – Panel of speakers – Anna, Annalie, Kate, Jason & Anton.

Open Space learning is a new ‘anti-speaker’ session an innovation learning technique adapted from many sources including origins from a Podcamp in Toronto where the participants present their problems/ challenges and the speakers draw on their own experiences of how he/ she had or would overcome similar issues and the larger group of participants then share in the knowledge creation and further enrichment dialogue/discussion.

Whilst participants presenting or sharing their specific issues is optional, we encourage maximum  participation, seeking specific problems/issues upon registration by each participant, to monitor themes in our planning leading up to the workshop session to best meet the needs of the participants.

This session is concluded with guiding all participants to complete an Action Plan of specific learnings, notation of next steps(who, what how and when) and what else participants need to know to advance deployment of solutions from their specific issues.

4.45pm Close