Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships


2 Day intensive Masterclass workshop- in Melbourne



Workshop Venue:

Melbourne. CitiPower/Powercor, Electric House,  Room G9, ground floor, 40 Market Street (corner of Flinders Lane & Market St)  

Workshop Date & Time:

Tuesday 2 & Wednesday 3 February 2010
9am - 5pm. Day 2 finishing at 4.30pm


$895 inc GST per day (per person)

Workshop discount

5% discount for the 2nd person, 10% for the 3rd person, 15% for the 4th person & 20% for the 5th & subsequent persons who register together at the same time from the same organisation


This course is co-facilitated by Bruce Searles and/or Anton Benc, the two Managing Partners and Co-Directors of Benchmarking Partnerships, bringing together their joint detailed experience from both the service and the manufacturing sectors. We have recently conducted Leadership training with the executive of a Business Excellence Award winning organisation.We have also just completed a world wide search and compendium of Leadership Framework Best Practices. A FREE copy of this extensive compendium will be issued to you at the training course! We have also just completed a Global search for Best Practices in leading BE for Results and how to best get BE to work for organisations

What’s included (both workshops):

  • Certificate of participation
  • A FREE copy of our extensive world wide compendium of Leadership Framework Best practices
  • Simulated benchmarking against real topics/ projects that will be facilitated to prioritise for action planning
  • Practical adaptation into your workplace when you return
  • Interactive sharing with other participants in an action packed comprehensive training course
  • Harvesting BEST PRACTICES and 'Think-tank' discussion
  • 'Hands-on' learning.
  • A comprehensive activity and reference workbook manual  issued for all training delegates
  • Content experts – Anton Benc & Bruce Searles sharing real case studies, exercises across their vast experience (refer to CV’s on our website)
  • Delegate and content expert contact list provided
  • Share the lessons learned, and experience through benchmarking knowledge exchange
  • Competency feedback evaluation assessment

Note: An outline program agenda below is flexible and timing will be adapted to suit the specific needs of participants.

This Leadership of Business Excellence for Results training is offered in Victoria or in-house at your place. It is specially tailored to build Business Excellence Leadership capacity with executive teams, corporate service groups, functional and line managers. The training is hands-on, interactive and experiential and draws on real experience in your organisation.


Why you want to participate
  1. What is Business Excellence (BE) Leadership. A taste of what  ‘Good Practice’ BE Leadership looks like for your organisation drawing from our global benchmarking experience
  2. The BE Journey. Historical journey of BE and contemporary BE and BE Leadership today.
  3. What is our BE Purpose & Vision. Strategic planning of the vision will lead us to workshop the purpose and ’where are we heading’. The various BE frameworks around the world and case studies of excellence will lead discussion for the BE purpose/vision.
  4. Foundation BE principles. BE Principles- bringing these to life through application in your workplace, role modeling.
  5. How do we connect BE to our people/processes. Systems Thinking - this will define ‘who we are’ and ‘how we fit in’
  6. Strategic alignment & measurement. Strategy Mapping – will teach how to build key outcomes from the high level Organisational Plan. This will provide the BE focus for ‘ Doing what really matters for our business’
  7. The Customised BE Framework and mini Maturity Assessment for YOUR organisation. BE Framework considerations for operational and strategic sustainable business outcomes. Includes the Plan or approach (What and How), How Well (for widespread deployment), How we Know (the KPIs) and the Improvement cycle for business needs, linked to YOUR business plan and vision. This will provide the BE ‘Getting business done through BE’
  8. BE Skilling & Continuous Improvement Tools. Provide specific skilling through experiential learning on the key competency gaps. This will provide the ‘skills and tools’ for ongoing BE and continuous improvement
  9. Sustaining Excellence. How does the organisation foster and grow BE to sustain excellence in a changing and ‘time poor’ environment.
  10. Benchmarking. This will provide the ‘ Where else and how can I make a big contribution to the organisation and its success through the business plan and the long term vision’
  11. Engaging People to deliver on the Vision and Mission
  12. The Leaders Role in the All Categories of YOUR BE Framework
  13. What do Best Practice leaders do?


Draw on our experience across 5,000 organisations in many countries to learn how to improve your Leadership. Also drawing on our own detailed experience in working within and assisting Business Excellence Award winners such as NRMA Limited, BHP Billiton, South East Water etc. You will save yourself from doing the extensive research and benchmarking that we have facilitated over two decades now and also involving our overseas partners like APQC in the USA, Asian Productivity Organisation across 20 Asian Countries including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan and Thailand, the Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) covering for example Europe, UK, Canada and the Middle East and the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation (NZBEF) and some Pacific Islands where we have worked with multi nationals like Sheraton, Coca Cola etc The best practices you will learn are drawn (“blind” of identity) from many organisations including NRMA, South East Water, University of Wollongong, BHP Billiton, HP, Pepsi, Caterpillar, Cisco Systems etc.
DAY 1 - Leadership of Business Excellence for Results
9.00am Registration - arrival coffee / tea
9.10am Welcome, Introductions, Program, facilitating key issues for participants to focus the program on participant’s expectations and learning needs. Note that the program below may change to suit the needs of participants
9.30am Overview of Leadership for Business Excellence delivering Results - Bruce Searles/Anton Benc, Managing Partners, Benchmarking Partnerships. Bruce will lead participants through a shared understanding of Business Excellence and ‘bringing to life’ principles and case study examples:
  • What is Business Excellence (BE) and Business Excellence Leadership
  • BE business benefits from our 2008 Global research and how organisations have achieved rapid and large sustainable improvements
  • BE background and journey
  • A brief outline of contemporary BE principles, frameworks and maturity assessment
  • Importance of business alignment with BE and a customised framewor
11.00am Morning Coffee and Networking

Activity - Business Excellence Principles

  • Participants will be guided to consider the meaning/application of a principle personally, in their workplace, if our organisation practised this, and if we did how would we know? The richness of discussions with our guided facilitation brings out the core value of principles as a foundation for BE in everything strategically important for a performance management of BE.

A BE Framework for Your organisation

Generic Best Practice BE frameworks examples will be discussed and shared with participants guided to consider BE categories and statements important to their own business.
1.00pm Lunch and Networking.

A mini Maturity Assessment

Bruce and/or Anton will guide participants through a mini maturity assessment with our unique Best Practice process used to deliver valuable results in many organisations that will determine:
  • The BE roles for YOUR leaders, managers and key Influencers
  • Strengths to reinforce and motivate management/ staff
Strategic opportunities for improvement

3.40pm Afternoon tea

Best Practice characteristics and role of Leaders for BE

Anton or Bruce will share and discuss the current best practices from recent international research regarding Leadership Frameworks across Australia, Asia, USA and NZ and guide participants through a workshop which will identify strategic areas for participants to consider for their own organisation. Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the Best Practice International Compendium report.

5.00pm Close Day 1 followed by Informal Networking Dinner (own cost)
DAY 2 – Leadership of Business Excellence for Results
9.00am Review Day 1 and reflection of key messages, and discussion to clarify learnings

Systems Thinking underpinning effective Business Excellence

Through our specially guided facilitation, discover how you can diagrammatically see and understand the connections of your organisation, business units, core processes to deliver KPI’s that matter to your customers and stakeholders based on inputs, outputs and suppliers, noting the foundational culture and relationships.
  • What is Systems Thinking?
  • How does BE fit in?
  • What is your BE purpose and vision?

Facilitate a systems view.

11.00am Morning Coffee

Performance Management of BE

What should we consider to determine a performance management framework of BE for your organisation that will deliver Results!
  • Keeping the ‘line of sight’ simple and visible on what matters – a one page strategic plan
  • Strategy mapping as a tool to map and connect key outcomes
  • Engaging the whole organisation
  • Converting BE into simple action that everyone can do
  • Binding the silo’s together- also vertical alignment
  • Consideration of a customised framework for your organisatio
12.45pm Lunch and Networking

Your goals and priorities for BE

  • Identify and realise critical improvement areas
  • Strategic map a key improvement area
  • Refine the Maturity assessment process to take back to engage the rest of the organisation
3.10pm Afternoon Coffee

Action Planning

This session includes discussion of anything further needing clarified, feedback and further specific learning needs for each participant in their ‘Action Planning’, Issuing of Certificates of completion
4.30pm Close and transport co-ordination
Registration Form

Workshop Topic: Leadership of Business Excellence for Results

Workshop Dates: Tuesday 2 & Wednesday 3 February 2010 in Melbourne CBD

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Phone: 0409 145 033

Investment per person per day: $895 inc. GST = $1,790 inc GST for the two days
5% discount for the 2nd person, 10% for the 3rd person, 15% for the 4th person & 20% for the 5th & subsequent persons who register together at the same time from the same organisation for this workshop (indicate additional names and roles where indicated below). Additional credit card charges of 3% for Visa and Mastercard  and 5% for AMEX and Diners will be passed on to you.

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