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(CLIP – CLIPPING out Waste

Titles / Teachpoints:

  1. Introduction
  2. Waste
  3. Organise
  4. Collaborate
  5. Measure

Demonstrations of these Titles are available at

BigFish Teachpoints deliver learning on a range of improvement topics. The 5 presenter-led and interactive CD-Roms are designed to be used by all staff to create an informed, improvement-ready culture within your business from both the top down and the bottom up. Teachpoints make the subject of improvement understandable for everyone, they contain key examples from industry, real and recent case studies, interactive exercises and consultants’ tips. BigFish Teachpoints help you to understand the subject matter clearly and demonstrate how to deliver immediate improvements within your business. If you would like us to send you the BigFish Interactive Demo then please contact us or take a look around this site, all the information you need is here and you can also download the first chapter of each of our improvement tools in the Teachpoints section.

Five Interactive BigFish improvement title Teachpoints packaged as installation CDs are available through Benchmarking Partnerships. Click on the link below to view a sample of each video. The package includes simple templates and tools for use by your people.

Learning Outcomes: -

UK research shows that on average the UK construction only utilises its resources for 60% of the available time on site. In other words for 40% of the time, our people and our machinery are engaged in wasteful activity.

The impact of this Waste on the DELIVERY, COST and QUALITY of construction projects is highlighted in the latest industry statistics published by the BERR (formerly known as DTI):

Delivery predictability = 58%   Cost predictability = 46%   Quality = 73%

So why use these techniques?

In the construction industry there is obviously room for improvement and BigFish techniques have been proven to work, here are some examples of our results:


  Reduced from 21 to 4.5 days


  34 weeks reduced to 20 weeks


  Increased from £0.75  to £1.75


  Up from 56% to 82%


  Increased by 42%

These figures highlight the huge potential for improvement in the UK construction industry and in particular the impact of reducing Waste in construction activities. Just think what a difference it would make to your bottom line and customer satisfaction, if you could remove some of the 40% of time wasted on site. See Case Studies at   LINK

See Sample Improvement Templates


Topic: Interactive Lean Improvement CDs

Investment: $495AUD including GST for each single title. $1,990AUD including GST for the package of 5 titles. Prices include packaging and shipping to your address advised by you below.

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