Benchmarking Partnerships


Construction Lean Improvement Program (CLIP) – Key Learnings
  1. Set up a working group involving  directors and appoint a CLIP champion – make sure directors are aware of the CLIP philosophy and buy into it
  2. Make sure the client is involved
  3. Start with a project where the key people are keen
  4. Capture the benefits from one project and use them on other projects
  5. Examine the tools and methods and integrate them into your existing processes and systems
  6. Run CLIP workshop before commencing on site.
  7. Best to start using CLIP on a site where there are trades and services you use on other sites.
  8. Important to involve everyone as early as possible including architects, designers, clients and contractors
  9. Develop and Visual Planning Board that the whole team can refer to
  10. Prioritise the areas of the project where you can make the most gains in a pre-diagnostic
  11. Maximise benefits for repetitive work sequences by standardising best practices
  12. Explain what you are trying to achieve and why everyone needs to get involved
  13. Dedicate a set time each day to look at lean
  14. Post / display the latest results for all to see
  15. Be aware that the lean concepts can be used effectively for:
    1. Strategic planning
    2. Collaboration with designers / architects / clients / subcontractors / builders
    3. Pre – planning site works
    4. Improvements during constructionStart lean as early as possible eg at project conception and go as far back in the supply chain as you can
  1. Build partnerships using the lean tools and methodologies
  2. Use the tools and techniques to plan well ahead and to update the plan regularly eg weekly
  3. Use video of actual work for the team to identify improvements
  4. Spend time up front looking at root causes of any problems and prioritise improvements
  5. Show how lean will make life easier for everyone to get buy-in
  6. Have a clear strategy for spreading lean and give it a meaningful name. Provide guidance and tools and how lean can be implemented and share benefits made

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