Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships




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Compendium Structure:

  • Key Findings and Implications
  • What is Benchmarking
  • Survey Responses

    Organisation Profile
    Use of Improvement Tools
    General Questions on Benchmarking
    Best Practice Benchmarking Projects - Planning
    Best Practice Benchmarking Projects - Research and Analysis
    Best Practice Benchmarking Projects - Implementation
    Best Practice Benchmarking Projects – Evaluation

  • Appendix A – Definitions of Improvement Tools
  • Appendix B – About Benchmarking Partnerships

Outline KEY findings of the compendium

  • Global survey by the Global Benchmarking Network across 44 countries and over 450 organisations
  • Benchmarking will be a much more used improvement tool of future
  • Improvement needs to be done well for successful outcomes – what are the missing links and how do I do them?
  • When Best Practice benchmarking is done well significant benefits are achieved – how is this done?
  • Key success factors
    –Gaining the commitment of senior executives
    –Gaining buy in across the organisation
    –Following a defined methodology
    –Implementing the findings to realise targeted KPIs
    –Reviewing  benefits actually achieved & learning
    –Code of Conduct
    –Project brief and business case
  • Some key improvements tools now will lose favour and use – what are they?
  • Clarity of Mission and Vision in guiding improvement
  • Popular emerging techniques include various forms of benchmarking and strategic organisational risk analysis
  • Benchmarking has benefited organisations by improving processes and addressing major strategic issues through understanding how best practices are done
  • The following 4 factors are critical for sustainable improvement, including through benchmarking
    –Top management support
    –Understanding your own processes
    –Clear project planning and objectives
    –Alignment of project objectives to strategic objectives
  • Most popular areas for benchmarking / improvement are:
    –Customer service
    –Training / HR / People Management
    –Corporate strategy and planning
  • Need for short time framed projects and teams of typically 3-4 people

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International Compendium of Best Practice

Special price: $198 inc GST/copy.
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