Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships


Workshop Host / Venue:
Zurich Insurance, Zurich Auditorium, 5 Blue Street, North Sydney
Wednesday 21 October, 2009
Thursday 22  October, 2009
9.00am – 5.00pm Wednesday, 8.30am – 4.30pm Thursday

Catering sponsor:
NRMA Businesswise

Technical Supporter:
NSW Injury Risk Management Research Centre (IRMRC)

Program Overview:
Keynote1  - Practical application of research regarding vehicle safety and protection in environmentally sound vehicles eg rollovers, trucks & LNG – Prof. Raphael Grzebieta, Road Safety Chair, NSW Injury Risk Mgt. Research Centre

Keynote2  - Current issues and solutions regarding environmental and safety considerations of fleet management  - Jack Haley, Vehicle & Environment Policy Specialist, NRMA

Case Study 1 – Safer Driving Culture – DBP – Fleet Safety Award winner 2008

Case Study 2 – Fleet Environment Award Winner 2007 - including Bio Diesel – Newcastle City Council

Case Study 3 – Victoria Police, Fleet Manager of Year 2007 – Safety Strategy

Case Study 4 – Zurich Insurance – NSW/ACT Risk Manager

Benchmarking Code of Conduct protects confidentiality & privacy

Learning Outcomes:

  • Policies for safe Vehicle Selection & Modification & Maintenance, Driver Behaviour and coping with the driving Environment
    • Integrated with Policies for Green – carbon offsets
    • Emission reduction programs
    • Green House neutral targets – fleet contribution while not disaffecting safety
  • GPS fleet monitoring, is it an effective safety tool – not a “where the hell have you been?” tool
  • Vehicle & possible more important plant inspections to satisfy OH&S regulation
  • Reducing car parking scrapes – has green implications too in terms of resource consumption and may be indicator of poor driver behaviour with green and safety implications as well as cost and inconvenience implications?
  • Colour choice for safety
  • Results of research into previous Fleet Safety Benchmarking Workshops
  • Actions taken by delegates , benefits and issues faced
  • Discussion items - truck driver log books requirements & or fatigue management. What is others understanding of the new regulations & how & when will it affect drivers
  • YOUR ISSUES AND CHALLENGES will also be addressed 


  • Learn from and network with guest speakers and other participants in an action packed day - Harvesting BEST PRACTICES and 'Think-tank' discussion
  • Learn about what need to know as well as what you didn’t know you needed to know
  • Confirm your current benchmarks – learn new practices
  • Participate in 'Hands-on' learning
  • Participate in facilitated discussion about strengths of leading
  • A comprehensive workshop manual is issued for all delegates
  • Receive Memory Jogger Notes of the day's proceedings
  • Delegate and speaker contact list provided
  • Share the lessons learned, and experience through benchmarking knowledge exchange
  • Learn from different industries – completely new insights


Program  – Day 1

9.00am Registration - arrival coffee / tea
9.10am Welcome, Introductions, Program – identification of YOUR LEARNING NEEDS – Bruce Searles, Managing Partner, Benchmarking Partnerships and Lori Mooren, Senior Research Fellow, NSW Injury Risk Management Research Centre

KEYNOTE 1 - What the research is telling us regarding vehicle safety and protection eg rollovers, and what’s around the corner –  Professor Raphael Grzebieta, Chair of Road Safety, NSW Injury Risk Management Research Centre.

Raph will present the current and developing research into vehicle safety impinging on safe and environmentally sound vehicle selection and modification policies and suggest practical steps that fleet managers can take. In particular, Raph will discuss the crashworthiness of hybrid vehicles particularly in relation to fire and rollover hazards, e.g. battery fuel spillage in a crash.

For heavy trucks, he will also talk about crashworthiness of trucks running on LNG and also how ISA systems can assist with smoother running that reduces running costs.

10.40am Morning Coffee

Case Study 1 – PROMOTING A CULTURE OF SAFER DRIVING BEHAVIOURS , Alyson Vinciguerra - Manager, Health, Safety & Environment , DBP. AFMA Fleet Safety Award winner- 2008.

DBP is the company that owns, operates and manages the Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline in Western Australia, which runs 1600km from Dampier to Bunbury, its employees and contractors operate on mainly unsealed roads and in areas rarely covered by mobile phone network.  The presentation will cover the tools, systems and processes the company has introduced to change the driving culture on the pipeline.  The presentation will cover:

  • how DBP has managed to significantly improve emergency response for their workforce and contractors in remote areas,
  • the implementation of the VSSMS (Vehicle Speed and Safety Monitoring System) to address a high speed culture within the organisation, and
  • the implementation of a Driver Drowsiness Tracker which provides drivers with a tool to assist them in identifying and managing drowsiness. 

WORKSHOPPING HANDY HINTS  – small groups - facilitated by Bruce Searles and Lori Mooren.

  • what are our learning needs?
  • what ideas came from the presentations?
  • what ideas are coming from other workshop participants?
  • what are your further learning needs?
12.30pm Lunch and networking.

Group Report Back and Discussion on Key Elements for managing fleet safety.


KEYNOTE 2 - TOWARDS CLEANER AND SAFER VEHICLES - Jack Haley, Vehicle and Environment Policy Specialist, NRMA.

Summary – Jack will discuss the background to vehicle crash testing, where fleet managers can go to find the required information, and will provide an overview of vehicle environmental issues and ratings including an overview of regulated emissions and the relationship of ADRs to the European standards.


WORKSHOPPING HANDY HINTS - Plenary – facilitated by Bruce Searles and Lori Mooren.

  • what ideas came from the presentation?
  • what ideas are coming from other workshop participants?
  • what are our further learning needs?
3.00pm Afternoon Coffee.

Participant Sharing – Policy Frameworks, Implementation Issues, Costs vs Benefits and Solutions - facilitated by Bruce Searles and Lori Mooren.

  • OHS Plant Inspections – Snowy Hydro
  • Emissions Reduction Program – Hydro Tasmani
4.40pm Day 1 Summary and Day 2 Preview –  Bruce Searles.
5.00pm Close – Informal Networking drinks and dinner (own cost).

Program  – Day 2

8.45am Registration - arrival coffee / tea.
9.00am Recap of Day 1 and Introduction to Day 2 – Bruce Searles.

Case Study 2 – Newcastle City Council, Jim Palmer, Acting Fleet Manager and Allan Harrison, Workshop Manager.

Session summary. Newcastle City Council won the AFMA Fleet Environment Award in 2007. The presentation will be based on the concept of NCC using Biodiesel into their Fleet, how that concept was researched, financed and introduced into Council in November 2003. What problems they have encountered since it introduction and how NCC has resolved them, progressing along to the benefits of the introduction of Biodiesel to NCC Fleet e.g. environmental, economic and health. The speakers will conclude with the future of the project and what impact the introduction of Biodiesel has on the City of Newcastle and the surrounding areas.  

10.00am Morning Coffee.

Facilitated development of systems model for integrated Green and Safe Fleet Management covering stakeholder needs, balance of KPIs, core processes and policies and supplier inputs required. This will lead to discussion of best practices amongst delegates and sharing - facilitated by Bruce Searles and Lori Mooren.

12.30pm Lunch and networking.

Case Study 3 – VICTORIA POLICE FLEET SAFETY STRATEGY,  Frank Melilli, Manager Transport Branch, Victoria Police.

The presentation will cover:

  • The Catalyst for Change
  • Research & Development
  • Fleet Safety Strategy
  • Transferring the risk associated with vehicle modifications
  • Partnerships with vehicle manufacturer

Case Study 4 – TYRES – THE FORGOTTEN COMPONENT OF FLEET SAFETY MANAGEMENT,  Ian Williams, Risk Engineering Manager (NSW/ACT), Zurich Financial Services, Australia Ltd.

Tyres are can be seen by Fleet Managers as simply a consumable, that needs to be replaced when worn out. However, tyres have been a major impact on driver safety and the efficient use of fuel in fleet vehicles.

This presentation looks at a range of aspects tyre maintenance and management which if ignored can have a negative impact on fleet performance.

3.00pm Afternoon Coffee.
3.30pm Putting it all together – Lori Mooren. Lori will synthesise the important lessons from the Workshop and present a model process for developing a Green & Safe Policy Framework.

Group Discussion about the model and implementation issues - facilitated by Bruce Searles and Lori Mooren


Closing Remarks and Evaluation.

4.30pm Close

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