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Internal Communications Toolkit

Sales, marketing and support teams are working harder than ever before to meet financial goals but communicating with them has become more difficult. It takes time, energy and focus to go through the clutter to find the really urgent and important information. There is however, a new leading-edge internal communications toolkit that bypasses email and delivers your message directly to the computer screen, ensuring that it is viewed. I thought you’d be interested. 

Companies from ASB Bank to Virgin are using it to reach sales, marketing and general staff.

The toolkit provides to-the-desktop communications channels including: alerts, scrolling tickers, pop-up surveys & quizzes, meeting invitations, video, user generated magazines and plug-and-play internal social media.

It is simple to use and allows you to create, target and send messages in seconds, using branded templates. It also offers excellent tracking capabilities so you’ll know when your message has been viewed and for how long. IT teams love it because it uses minimal bandwidth, solves security concerns and requires virtually no maintenance.

Here’s a list of the tools:


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