Benchmarking Partnerships
Benchmarking Partnerships


International Compendium of Best Practice

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Key Findings Scope and Compendium Research Compendium Summary - Good Practices
Leadership and developing a Leadership Strategy

Leadership Development Frameworks(LDF), capabilities, key building blocks and alignment to the business

Alignment with Business Excellence

Implementing successful Strategic Leadership Development

Leadership competencies and evaluating success
References/acknowledgements About Benchmarking partnerships

Outline KEY findings of the compendium (full details and case study examples in the full copy of the compendium)

  • Having a shared understanding of Leadership, Leadership Principles and Leadership Strategy for your own organisation
  • Organisations build a strong linkage between business strategy and Leadership Development strategy
  • Executives use Leadership Development as a powerful tool to formulate, translate, and communicate strategy
  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ prescription formula for Leadership Development
  • Leaders who teach/ coach are more effective than those who instruct
  • Leadership from major change management are key teachable/coachable moments to build leadership capability
  • Leadership Development is a partnership between senior executives and HR( or business areas responsible for the HR system – training & development, assessment, talent management, succession planning, performance management etc)
  • Strategic human resource business areas are a key part of the corporate and business planning cycle.
  • The HR and Learning & Development areas engage the executives to not only understand the business strategy (which often determines the direction of the Leadership Development strategy), but also engage them in the delivery of Leadership Development strategy.
  • Corporate learning initiatives tend to focus on ‘high potentials’
  • Many good practice organizations, tailor Leadership Development to suit specific needs, where the Leadership Development process owners maintain the control of the design and delivery of their programs, delegated very little to outsiders.
  • HR business areas, leverage their internal talents with very selective use of consultants
  • Integration of Leadership Development with other talent management systems creates synergies.
  • Developing people is a growing measure of executive success
  • Return on learning and Leadership Development is increasingly measured by corporate success rather than individual performance.


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