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Special Interest Study Tours to Organisations with BEST PRACTICES


Benchmarking Partnerships has been proudly delivering customised Study Tour programs for organisations and peak body industry groups across many countries for well over 15 years.

Some recent examples include:

  • Leadership Study Tours for a group of Executives from a specific organisation visiting best practice organisations and learning and sharing best leadership practices and developing action plans eg large Insurance Company
  • Study Visits on Operational matters like manufacturing, customer service and call centres – example – a company wanted to view best call centre practices
  • Global Best Practice study tours for specific organisations, countries or groups of countries – like our recent Knowledge Management Best Practices Study Tour in Germany
  •  Industry specific Study Tours with utilities, government and private organisations focusing on business improvement and leadership with specific scope areas such as innovation, managing large changes, project management, asset management, corporate services etc with urban and / or regional focus etc.
  • Customer Service, Internal Communications, Innovation and Leadership Study tour visits
  • Annual Best Practice Study Tours with SAI Global with Business Excellence Award winnersSystems Award winners and other industry award winning organisations
  • Annual Government Business Improvement Study Tours in conjunction with the Queensland  Government- Business Improvement in Government network
  • Customer Service Study Tour with Singapore Productivity Association in Singapore
  • Study tour visits of recognised leading organizations in Fiji
  • Study Tours in New Zealand with the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation


Study Tour

You call the shots – and we’ll organise it through our Australian and / or global networks  encompassing around 50,000 people

So now together with our diverse experience, reputation and difficult-to-match customer service, we bring this best practice organisational knowledge and face to face opportunity to you to help your organisation learn from the BEST and have lasting relationships and networking to assist you on your strategic improvement journey.


Study Tour

Our study tour design is customised with YOUR team - based on your scope and outcomes. We will advise on program scenarios of industry focus and geographic boundaries - local, interstate or global travel.

Typical Topics and participants have included:

  • Senior Executive Leadership – your Leadership Team
  • Business Excellence – your Leadership Team and BE Facilitators plus Line Managers
  • Knowledge Management – KM practitioners and Line Managers
  • Project Management – Project Services Team
  • Customer Services  / Customer Centricity – Senior Executives and Service Professionals
  • Call Centres – Call Centre Managers and Service Delivery Professionals
  • Internal Communications, Asset Management, Innovation etc
  • Your Topic and Your Team

Upon your agreement we will seek your commitment to initially scope a detailed program for your organisation, project manage and administer the preparations, communications and liaisons of special and focused needs between your tour group, hosts and presenters, facilitate the program and networking, share the knowledge from presenters/hosts and our experiences and we will ensure your closed-loop learning.

Some recent testimonials from participants are –

  • The tour was a valuable learning experience and the companies visited is very inspirational. Reflection will be important to identify specific actions to take back
  • Huge volume of content. Great networking.
  • Well planned and executed tour. Benchmarking contacts for life.
  • Like minds reinforcing each other
  • Variety of organisations – cross industry
  • Well coordinated , thanks!
  • The four day experience was extremely stimulating and travelling with people from a broad cross section of the QLD Government provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences between departments. We had time to think more creatively about how strategies from completely diverse businesses could transfer into the context of our own agencies
  • The amount of practical KM sharing was phenomenal, and I only realise the extent thereof now as I report back to my colleagues on what I have learned and revisiting the presentations in the tour manual

If your organisation is interested, please give Anton or Bruce from Benchmarking Partnerships a call or email us with your team brief.

Our closely facilitated methodology ensures that your people enjoy the total experience, that they learn a lot and that they capture the learnings for your organisation and action plan to implement improvements. We will also follow up to help you clear the way to implement your action plans.

See recent study tour examples:

Business Improvement Study Tour 6-10 March

German Knowledge Management Study Tour

2011 Best Practices Study Tour


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Phone: Anton Benc: 0409 145033 or  Bruce Searles 0418 267 794

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