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of 2009 Australian Business Excellence Award Winners: 12th 15th October

Learn first hand how you can do it and the business benefits

DAY 1 – Program Monday 12 October, Sydney NSW

Luxury Coach transport from a nominated hotel in Sydney (TBC) to SummitCare in St Marys.

SummitCare (Australia)  –  winner silver, 2009

SummitCare (Australia) has provided quality residential aged care in Sydney for more than 40 years.
With a model that strives beyond regulatory mandates, SummitCare’s dedication to delivering superior facilities and service has seen each of its homes fully accredited and externally verified as living the essence of ‘continuous improvement.
Its Quality Management Framework embraces and prioritises feedback from residents and relatives which is regularly canvassed through reviews, satisfaction surveys and complaints.
SummitCare plans for business excellence.  Its strategies link effectively to key objectives and deliver on current and future stakeholder demands. Aligned to overall strategy, local plans undergo regular monitoring against performance measures while external benchmarking is used to form an objective view of the organisation.
SummitCare is characterised by principled leadership, a keen focus on residents and their families and a desire to construct an open, collaborative and continuous improvement culture. 
Employees display passion, professionalism, and an understanding of their contribution to SummitCare’s goals.  The building of capability is supported by formal and informal education programs and achievement of qualifications is routinely recognised.  
Environmental considerations are reflected in monitoring of energy and water use and in major upgrades of facilities and development of new sites.
SummitCare is proactive in its efforts to positively influence the direction of aged care at federal and state government levels while management and staff actively share knowledge and experiences via participation in industry and professional forums.

9.15am Arrival at SummitCare. Preliminary briefing to delegates, handing out of name badges, study tour manuals and identification of Day 1 learning needs, facilitated by Benchmarking Partnerships.

Official welcome and Introduction to SummitCare  – Cynthia Payne, Chief Executive Officer.

Cynthia will share with you the journey that we as an organisation have been on over the past five years. How the Business Excellence Framework became our core operating environment and our strategic direction. We will share with you our success stories and how SummitCare has achieved these using the Business Excellence Framework. An overview of our demonstrated Leadership throughout the organisation and how the staff live the Culture which has given us the opportunity to be the only Aged Care provider to obtain a Silver award.

10.40am Morning Tea

Leadership Team – Sonya Darwich, Sadie Burling and Judith Leacock.

The leadership team will share with you the development of the Performance Measures Matrix, our Continuous Improvement Framework and the Summit Star program – why SummitCare is a great place to work.  We will provide an overview of the development opportunities and training within the organisation and our achievements with our customers. Our Vision –Working together to provide peace of mind. Our Credo -“We are people providing care and service to people.” And achieving Our Purpose – To provide, all day every day, exceptional and sensitive care and service to people requiring residential aged care.


Site Visit – St Mary’s Gardens Aged Care.

This site visit will give you the opportunity to view the facility and interact with staff. Staff will   have the opportunity to share with you the extremely important role they play within the organisation and how SummitCare recognises their contribution to our strategic direction.


Thankyou SummitCare by Benchmarking Partnerships, and depart via coach to Schindler Lifts Australia Pty Ltd in Botany. Feedback & reflections of learnings to continue on the coach out to Schindler lifts.

Schindler Lifts Australia Pty Ltd –  winner bronze, 2009

Schindler Lifts Australia is one of the country’s largest suppliers of escalators and elevators.  With 600 employees and operations throughout the country, Schindler designs, installs, services and modernises building transport systems.
Propelled by a robust planning and measurement system, Schindler Lifts is progressing determinedly towards its goal of market leadership.
Strategic intent is effectively communicated across the organisation while individual departments’ business plans link to the company storyboard and current imperatives.  Accountability for execution of strategy is a driving factor of the organisation.
A greater understanding of its market has been achieved through improved customer engagement, networking and the commissioning of market research.  This has resulted in new markets, sales and revenue growth and decreased churn rate.
The Schindler work environment encourages a strong performance ethic through inclusiveness, diversity and fairness.  All customer facing staff operate under a performance reward system and have clear guidelines for client interaction. 
With its global head office in Switzerland, the company has worldwide resources to draw upon to plan for mitigating market risks and for deploying systems to support organisational effectiveness and sustainability.
Achieving sustainability is a key factor in Schindler’s planning.  Driven by an acute appreciation of workforce issues, in particular engineering and trades skills shortages, the company has strategies to address future business needs such as an ageing skilled workforce, leadership career development and apprenticeship programs.


Arrival at and welcome at Schindler Lifts. Short Site Tour.

1.20pm Lunch and Networking.

Official welcome  and  Schindler Lifts Australia (SLA) – Business Excellence Journey presentation by Fernando Xavier, Managing Director, Schindler Lifts Australia.
Fernando will share SLA’s

  • Leadership Vision, Values & Strategy
  • Planning & Deployment (Balanced Scorecard)
  • Excellence in Execution
  • Learning & Continuous Improvement

Effective Management of Customer Relationships, presentation by Damian Richards, Marketing, Key Accounts & Portfolio Management.

Damian will discuss and share how SLA build customer relationships, ensuring a positive customer experience. Damian will also share SLA’s listening/feedback systems.

3.30pm Tea Break & Networking.

SLA – A Great Place to Work, presentation by Andrew Thackray, General Manager, Human Resources.

Andrew will outline the underpinning and enabling culture at SLA that creates the environment for people to be valued and to perform, building organisational capability.


Workshopping Handy Hintsfacilitated by Benchmarking Partnerships. Workshop Groups of participants & speakers address:

  • what are the key messages and ideas from the visits and the presentations?
  • what ideas are coming from the other workshop participants?
  • what are the opportunities for you to take action?
5.00pm Thankyou Schindler Lifts Australia by Benchmarking Partnerships, and depart via coach to Sydney domestic airport.. For participants continuing on for day 2, we will depart Sydney Qantas QF459 at 6PM, arriving in Melbourne at 7.30PM. Coach pick up and transport to our nominated Melbourne City hotel (TBC).
DAY 2 – Program Tuesday 13 October, Melbourne, Victoria

Coach Transport departs hotel for Computershare at Abbotsford.

Computershare Limitedwinner silver, 2009

Computershare is a global leader in transfer agency and share registration, employee equity plans, proxy solicitation and other specialised financial, governance and communication services.
Founded in Melbourne in 1978, it now has 10,000 employees providing services in 17 countries to more than 14,000 clients and a market capitalisation of approximately $5 billion.
Located at Yarra Falls in Abbotsford Victoria, the Operations Group of Computershare is a discrete business unit servicing Australian clients.  It was established in 2002 to consolidate and centralise service delivery and has since achieved close to 150 per cent improvement in productivity.  Over recent years it has maintained a 90 percent customer satisfaction rating.
The high performing company leverages technology to achieve consistently high standards and has developed the capacity to respond quickly to external influences on strategic direction.  Areas for improved customer relations and service are measured through sophisticated reporting processes and an independent monthly telephone survey.
‘Creating a great place to work’ has resulted in reduced staff turnover, and increased retention and promotion.  Feedback and development opportunities are opened up through surveys, focus groups, secondment, job rotation and choice of some 200 training programs.
A comprehensive leadership framework is supported by monthly coaching of performance and behavioural expectations and motivated managers drive continuous improvement. 
Operations' core values and strategic intent are evident in all aspects of the business and align with core business activities and performance.


Arrival at Computershare. Coffee on arrival and housekeeping, Benchmarking Partnerships.


Official welcome & Our Business Excellence journey so far – Graham Giannini, Director of Operations – Asia Pacific. Graham will share a summary of:

  • Where we were to where we are now
  • Highlights of the journey and major achievements
  • Overview of the components of the change programme
  • High level view of lessons learnt and identification of critical success factor

Strategy and Planning – Tony.

Tony will share how Computershare establishes their strategic direction, and present a detailed description of their planning process and how it’s used to ensure their change agenda is robust, aligned, integrated and achieving strategic imperatives.


Information and Knowledge – Christian.

Christian will share how to turn data into meaningful business insights and knowledge, provide a detailed description of their reporting and communication framework and discuss how to improve reporting and other communication over time to maximise stakeholder understanding and engagement.

11.20am Morning Tea.

People – Judy.

Judy will share how to encourage and capture the voice of their staff, and how they lead cultural change in support of our Business Excellence journey. Judy will also share staff communication and engagement philosophies and practices and how they ensure staff alignment and build their capabilities.


Computershare – Site Tour – hosted by Brad.

On this site tour, their will be an opportunity to experience the Computershare work environment “live”. A  brief demonstration of how they reinforce cultural and change imperatives in the workplace will be shared as well as an overview of the processes and technologies they are using to deliver business excellence.

1.00pm Lunch and networking.

Process Management, Improvement + Innovation – Anna Papile, Senior Manager Business Solutions Group.

Anna will share how to identify, manage and control their processes generally and their change process in particular, including how they measure and report process variation, and how they identify and prioritise opportunities for improvement. Anna will share their change process in detail, including integration with planning processes and the measurement of benefit capture and how they engage staff at all levels in this continuous improvement process.

Mildura Rural City Council – winner bronze, 2009

Mildura Rural City is situated in Victoria’s north-west covering around 10 percent of the state.  Its culturally diverse population of 60,000 inhabits an environment comprising of Mallee vegetation, grain farms, intensive horticulture, vibrant towns and the picturesque Murray River.
Mildura Rural City Council (MRCC) consults broadly in the community every four years to review its 2025 Vision - the framework for the City’s direction.
Continuous improvements to planning, and performance benchmarking against leading Australian councils have enhanced MRCC’s status and its opportunities for attracting state and federal government funding. Councillors and staff, working on their own time, take part in community consultation processes such as workshops.  
Senior managers place a priority on staff satisfaction garnering broad feedback through surveys.  Managers demonstrate role-model behaviour that is closely aligned to Values and the Business Excellence principles.  Leadership competencies are measured and assessed and access to the High Performance Leadership Program further develops MRCC’s capabilities.
In the area of occupational health & safety, key performance indicators reveal improvement over a number of years which has resulted in significantly reduced WorkCover premiums.
Environmental impact strategies include a number of waste transfer stations, community sustainability education, water use reduction, energy efficiency, waste management and tracking of greenhouse emissions.
Summed up by the phrase ‘Are We Doing the Right Thing’ a strategic measurement system determines whether Council is achieving desired outcomes and assesses areas for progress.


Mildura Rural City Council. Martin Hawson, General Manager Community & Culture

Leadership - Society, community and environmental responsibility.

The Community Engagement Framework (CEF) has been developed to provide a Systems View of how our community works in a social context. There are a number of elements to the framework.

Firstly a governance and operational framework was established to review a comprehensive set of social indicators for our community. This data provides the governance group with an overview of what the critical and important issues are within our community, and enables a number of priorities to be set.  Operational groups are then established to further research and develop “theories for improvement” that will address the levels of social disadvantage.

The recommendations stemming from the “theories for improvement” provide the basis for project teams to be established to undertake various activities within our community to make a difference. There are supporting structures such as funding, partnership arrangements and general Council support to assist in each project that is developed.

An important by-product of the CEF is the development of a robust level of relationships between Council and external providers and leaders within the community. These include welfare groups, health providers, other government agencies, police, education sectors including secondary and primary and tertiary and the community in general.  The importance of these relationships comes to the fore when issues arise and the community sectors are able to work together in an interdependent and constructive manner.

Council also uses this CEF to facilitate its community planning with the various towns of the municipality. The social indicators data assists communities to become aware of their priority issues.

The CEF has been operating now for some four (4) years and is proving to be a very successful tool in assisting the community and Council in dealing with the varying levels of social disadvantage that exist within our community.


Workshopping Handy Hints – facilitated by Benchmarking Partnerships. Workshop Groups of participants & speakers address:

  • what are the key messages and ideas from the visit and the presentations?
  • what ideas are coming from the other workshop participants?
  • what are the opportunities for you to take action?
4.15pm Thankyou to Computershare and Mildura Rural Council by Benchmarking Partnerships, and depart via coach to Melbourne domestic airport. For participants continuing on for day 3, we will depart Melbourne Qantas QF697 at 6.10PM, arriving in Adelaide at 7.00PM. Coach pick up and transport to our nominated Adelaide City hotel (TBC), and dinner (own cost) at/near the hotel upon arrival.
DAY 3 – Program Wednesday 14 October, Adelaide, South Australia

We will walk across the road from Stamford Plaza Hotel – 150, North Terrace to the Department for Families and Communities at North Terrace

Department for Families and Communitieswinner bronze, 2009

The South Australian Department for Families and Communities has a broad mandate to work with those in need, who through circumstance, may be vulnerable. Our vision is to make life better for South Australians. The organisation is made up of over 6,000 people located in 176 worksites across the state. The Department provides a wide range of services. Services include Housing, Disability services, family support, youth justice, care and protection of children, problem gambling, antipoverty, Ageing and Domiciliary Care.

The presentations scheduled for this site visit include a brief insight into the strengths identified from the evaluation report that led to the achievement of a bronze Business Excellence award in such a large public sector organisation. Topics to be covered include the various strategies used to encourage continuous improvement and engage people, the Project Management framework and tools, the College for Learning & Development and links to the workforce plan, the innovative ways that staff contribute to the community and environment above core business, and customer focus – particularly for a non-voluntary client base.


Arrival at the Department for Families and Communities(DFC). Coffee and early morning goodies on arrival and housekeeping, Benchmarking Partnerships.

ABM Electronic Engineering (Aust) P/L winner bronze, 2009

ABM Electronic Engineering provides hardware and software support (on servers, storage systems, PC’s, printers and networks) for clients ranging from small business to large corporations and Government. A family-owned and run business, ABM started in 1983 and today utilises more than 500 field technicians and 100-plus service locations in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Asia.

Its service systems span a range of industries, including manufacturing, banking, retail, travel and government. 

Holding its own against much larger competitors, ABM has prospered through its agility and adaptability in the face of significant market changes.  Its Business Excellence Framework is central to the organisation’s sustainability and ongoing success.

ABM is aligned around a focused business model of strategic quality and innovation. ABM applies technology and services to help solve customer’s IT problems. ABM measures its performance by how well it helps clients to solve these problems within customer set parameters.

A key component of the success of ABM has been developing an innovative  integrated supply chain that is integrated end-to-end across the company with key partners, suppliers and customers and can respond with flexibility and speed to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat. The core strategic imperatives of ABM’s Integrated Supply Chain are to drive focus, flexibility, quality, cost-competitiveness and delivery capability.

The successful small enterprise has a well-articulated direction characterised by passion, commitment, involvement of its people and a clear focus on service delivery. 


ABM Electronic Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd. Mary Champion, Managing Director.

On Demand Supply Chain Management
Mary from ABM will share with you:

  • The development and outcomes achieved through its on-demand integrated supply chain that is end-to-end across the company with key partners, suppliers and customers.
  • How this supply chain can respond with flexibility and speed to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat.
  • How the core strategic imperatives of ABM’s Integrated Supply Chain drive focus, flexibility, quality, cost competitiveness and delivery capability to achieve customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

Engineering & Technology Group Main Roads Queensland – recognition, 2009

Queensland has the nation’s largest state-controlled road network. It consists of over 34,000 kilometres and has an estimated replacement value of more than $70 billion. When strung together, these roads would cover the entire length of the coastline of mainland Australia, and contains 2,800 bridges and over 3,600 major culverts.

Engineering and Technology’s (E&T's) role in the effective delivery, performance and operation of the state-controlled road network includes providing state-wide leadership in technical governance and establishing core technical capability and expertise in Main Roads.

Engineering and Technology entered the Business Excellence awards with the aim of benchmarking the group’s performance against that of other organisations, acknowledging their successful business practices, and receiving independent feedback to support ongoing improvement. The submission process was led by David Clifford, Principal Engineer (Quality Management) with individuals throughout Engineering and Technology making significant contribution to both the written submission and the presentations to the external assessors. Receipt of an award is an excellent result for Engineering and Technology, and acknowledges the efforts of all staff that consistently strive for high operating standards throughout the group.


Main Roads Qld (now the Department of Transport & Main Roads)- Engineering & Technology Group. David Clifford, Principal Engineer (Quality Management)

Business Excellence – Process, System, State of Mind or ….?

David has 15 years experience in applying the Business Excellence Framework, within Engineering and Technology and other organisations. He will be sharing his knowledge and experience about the drivers for use of the framework, blockages, learnings and direction for Engineering and Technology. The intrinsic importance of leadership, a mindset for excellence, and the processes or tactics used to embed these attributes will also be discussed.


Introduction to DFC – Peter Bull, Executive Director, Organisational Development

9.30am Morning Tea

Improvement and Engaging Methodologies – Teresa, Darren, Heather, Loiza and Fergus.

The DFC team will share information about their Business Improvement Challenge, the development sessions on improvement tools, the Youth Challenge, the ‘Bright Sparks’ staff suggestion process and the value that these strategies have delivered to DFC. In this session the application of the Business Excellence and Service Excellence Frameworks will be discussed, as well as briefly sharing other improvement strategies such as the E-reference tool for capturing process and procedural information and the Project Management framework


Leadership- Society, community and environmental responsibility – Jackie, John and Andrew.

This presentation aims to provide an insight into DFC’s wide range of environmental initiatives and the ways in which staff contribute to the community through volunteering time and resources. DFC was the first SA Government Agency to establish a policy and process for socially responsible procurement. They also encourage funded Non-Government Organisation partners to take advantage of favorable contractual arrangements and prices with suppliers.


Customer Focus  - Heather Falckh, Manager, Strategic Planning and Business Excellence plus presenters from operational areas.

Heather and Directors from different service areas will share information about their client demographics, strategies, customer feedback processes, programs and measures including the ‘5 star’ rating system, Connected Service Centre, systems and community satisfaction indicators. Examples will be provided of unique service initiatives that target different client groups. 


Department for Families and Communities - Site Tour on site – hosted by Natalie, Franco, Rosemary, Rita and Cath.

DFC will share People Initiatives such as their Workforce Plan & Aboriginal Employment Strategy & targeted recruitment & retention strategies. They will also share information about the Let’s talk Framework, Respectful Treatment at Work approach and the Performance Partnership Plan process and how all these Human Resource strategies are linked to individual learning and development plans. The College is a Registered Training Organisation delivering a wide range of learning programs. Human resource management is extended to include strategies for managing the significant volunteer effort. There are also Policies for staff who are Carers and how this need is taken into account in the workplace.

This college has been achieved external recognition as:

  • Winner of DFEEST SA Large Training provider of the year award & Vocational Student Awards 2008
  • Winner Human Services at Work Award 2008 – creating a learning culture
  • Finalist in Premier’s Awards 2007 & SA Training Initiative Awards – Child Protection Initiative 2007

On this site tour, a working lunch will be provided


Workshopping Handy Hints – facilitated by Benchmarking Partnerships. Workshop Groups of participants & speakers address:

  • what are the key messages and ideas from the visit and the presentations?
  • what ideas are coming from the other workshop participants?
  • what are the opportunities for you to take action?
1.00pm Thankyou to the Department for Families and Communities, ABM Electronic Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd and the Department of Transport & Main Roads- Engineering & Technology Group by Benchmarking Partnerships. We will depart via coach to Adelaide domestic airport. For participants continuing on for day 4, we will depart Adelaide Qantas QF585 at 2.35PM, arriving in Perth at 3.30PM. Coach pick up and transport to Citigate Hotel – 707 Wellington St, Perth, and dinner (own cost) at/near the hotel with other participants. Meet at 6PM in the hotel foyer
DAY 4 – Program Thursday 15 October, Perth, Western Australia

Luxury Coach transport from a nominated hotel in Perth (TBC) to City of Melville in Booragoon

The City of Melville  winner People Category, 2009

The City of Melville oversees a vibrant community 8 km from Perth’s CBD, has crafted a work environment characterised by pride, achievement and sense of belonging.
In striving to create ‘a great place to work’  the City has implemented flexible work arrangements, competitive pay, training opportunities and staff benefits such as the purchasing of additional annual leave.
Its staffing solutions represent best practice and contribute to the City’s ability to attract, recruit and retain staff and foster succession. The result of adaptable staffing - typified by a creative solution of sharing people resources with neighbouring local governments - enhances organisational capability.
The City’s well developed performance evaluation system connects cohesively to continuing education and development while a novel visual approach to communication involving ‘models’ clearly explains key processes and presents consistent messages for all staff.
The City’s leadership program, now in its third round, has seen continuous improvement and the achievement of consistent leadership.
Improvement is facilitated by annual planning. The link between business plans, the ‘People’ planning model and the corporate plan promote a culture of valuing people and deliver ‘a great place to work’.

8.45am Arrival at City of Melville. Coffee on arrival and housekeeping, Benchmarking Partnerships.
9.00am Official welcome to City of Melville & overview. Kylie Johnson, Executive Manager Organisational Development.

Kylie will provide an overview of how the Business Excellence Framework has driven high performance/capability for our organisation, and share the City of Melville business excellence journey so far, including challenges faced, how these were overcome, next steps and expectations.

9.30am Excellence in People Management. Dean McAuliffe, Employee Services Coordinator.           

The City of Melville has defined the People aspect as a critical business priority.  Dean will explain the organisational People journey and discuss the defined organisational approach and the various actions which combine to provide an outstanding workplace.

10.30am Morning tea and ‘meet and greet’ the City of Melville executive team.
10.50am Site tour of the Civic Centre and a visit to the Civic Square Library.
11.20am Discussion panel, Q&A and closing comments by City of Melville.
11.45am Feedback from participants of the lessons learnt facilitated by Benchmarking Partnerships.
12 noon

Thankyou to City of Melville for hosting by Benchmarking Partnerships, and depart via coach to Downer EDI Works in Redcliffe. Feedback & reflections of learnings to continue on the coach out to Redcliffe. 

Downer EDI Works winner Customer and Market Focus, 2009

Downer EDI Works is an organisation with a $1billion-plus turnover and 1,700 employees in Australia operating from 90 sites and offices.  It specialises in providing maintenance services for the continued safe operation of essential civil and rail infrastructure. Clients include Local Government, State and Federal Government, as well as public and private companies.
Downer EDI Works’ contract with Main Roads WA (MRWA), typifies the organisation’s client-focus capability through keenly managed interactive relationships.
Downer EDI Works structures an improvement process that contributes to a greater understanding of customer needs. In the case of MRWA this focus has led to an effective working relationship that helps both organisations respond quickly to the demands of road users as well as planning for better roads.
The process continues to evolve as Downer EDI Works examines methods of consolidating customer feedback to build a complete customer picture.  The information allows Downer EDI Works to prioritise and implement improvements.
In partnership with MRWA, expectations and behaviours have been documented in formalised customer relationship management systems.  Effective communication is controlled through mutually developed contracts, the client service charter, customer management plan, newsletters, protocols and committees with representatives from both organisations.
At the operational level, Downer EDI Works employees are encouraged to work collaboratively with MRWA personnel to ensure a greater responsiveness to customer requirements and resolve issues on a win/win basis.


Arrival at Downer EDI Works.


Official welcome to Downer EDI Works

Lunch on arrival.


Our business focus & overview – Greg Murphy, Executive General Manager.

Greg will briefly outline an overview of our business, our background, our overall strategy within our market, focus with our clients, our business excellence journey to date, next steps and future plans.


Customer and Market focus – Presented by David Burgoyne (Manager Maintenance) and Paul Campbell (Manager Business Services).

David & Paul will share Downer EDI Works collaborative relationship with clients in partnering an open trusting environment, having a common understanding of the contracts and client needs to achieve agreed business outcomes. David & Paul will also share our customer relationship management process and ‘RoadScores’ - our performance framework.


Afternoon tea and site office precinct ‘walk & talk’.
We will briefly be guided on a short ‘walk & talk’ tour of the site office facilities.


Workshopping Handy Hints and Action Planning from best practices learnt during the tour facilitated by Benchmarking Partnerships.

Workshop Groups of participants & speakers address:

  • what are the key messages and ideas from the visits and the presentations?
  • what ideas are coming from the other workshop participants?
  • what are the opportunities for you to take action?
  • Facilitated action planning for EACH participant, your next steps, what else do you need to know
5.00pm Wrap-up summary of Tour by Benchmarking Partnerships. Thankyou to Downer EDI Works for hosting.  Soft drinks, cheese and networking.
5.30pm Tour close - depart by coach to Perth domestic airport, for those participants travelling back interstate.

If you want to know more about the presenting and host organisations of this study tour, please click on the appropriate weblinks below and you will be taken to their organisational website.

Summit Care Australia     Schindler Lifts    Computershare    Mildura Rural City Council    Dept of Families & Communities    ABM Electronic Engineering   
Qld Dept of Main Roads 
   City of Melville    Downer EDI Works


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