Taste of Honey - Leadership Beyond the Norm for Sustainable Results

Delivered and Facilitated by Managing Partners - Bruce Searles & or Anton Benc

Date: Thursday 3 February 2011 (or as agreed in-house at your place)

Venue: Sydney – Macquarie Graduate School of Management (or at your place)

Time: 9am to 5pm


This workshop will open up leaders and managers to new ideas on how to achieve and sustain large improvements in business results through leadership of their people.

The ideas and concepts raised are drawn from practical experience in a range of leading organisations across the globe.

The concepts are simple, practical and do work!

Delegates will practice key elements of theses new leadership experiences and will be able to gauge what is important for them and action plan their next steps. Delegates will take away key tools and templates.

This program is flexible and any aspect of our 9 Pillars for large, rapid, yet sustainable improvement in business results can be included.

The program is targeted to senior executives, line managers and business improvement / business development managers.

It would be especially suited to teams of executives / managers from each organisation as they can jointly develop their understanding and roles and identify strengths and gaps for improvement.


9.00am Introductions & Purpose, delegate issues for a flexible program

KEYNOTE -  Shared understanding of Leadership & Management principles, Frameworks and Global Leadership and Management best practices

  • Global best practices – new views on people engagement
  • 4 key leadership roles
  • Systems thinking
  • Essentials for gaining buy-in and alignment to vision and KPIs

Bruce and/or Anton will share global best practices learned from over 2 decades of benchmarking of leadership and more recently on benchmarking done for BT (British Telecom) on how organisations across the Globe have been able to implement large improvements in their business results very rapidly and sustain these improvements over a long time.  These rapid and sustained improvements in business results have been achieved using the factors shown above and through strong leadership of core values and aligned strategic plans and key performance indicators cascaded through the organisation, giving a “line of sight” for all people to the Vision and Goals. Examples of rapid and large improvements in organisational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are shown in the map below. Bruce / Anton will describe HOW these large improvements were achieved and sustained through strong leadership.



Taste of Honey


Practical Exercise – Global Best Practice Leadership principles – their meaning to delegates and discussion

A Customised Management System like a Business Excellence Framework underpins sustainable success for leading organisations. Delegates will discuss and workshop the meaning to them of current and emerging principles that form the basis for  world’s best practice systems of excellent leadership.

Bruce and / or Anton will describe in detail what a management system framework for leadership might look like under the emerging business improvement/excellence headings for progressive businesses/organisations needing to sustain excellence both now and in the future. A taste of some example constructs for a cutstomised framework are:

  1. Organisational Performance
  2. Values
  3. Our Value Add
  4. Strategy, Planning and Budgeting
  5. People
  6. Internal and External Customer and Community
  7. Processes, Systems, Products and Services
  8. Change Management
  9. Assessment
  10. Improvement

Engaging People and Alignment to the Vision and Key Performance Indicators

  • New concepts and tools in strategic planning
  • Strategy mapping
  • Leadership of change and buy-in
Bruce/Anton will discuss the concept of one-page strategic plans to give focus to the organisation and enable planned projects to be achieved. They will give examples of real one-page plans and describe how through strategy mapping the plans and KPIs are devolved throughout the organisation so that the work done and results achieved by each department and each team contribute to the overall vision and goals and results of the organisation. He will also present the 4 key best practices in change management and leadership of changes.

Taste of Honey

12.50pm Lunch
1.50pm An introduction to Leadership & Management self assessment

Practical Exercise – Working with a Leadership Framework

  • Assessing importance of elements of the Leadership Framework
  • Identifying Roles and Competency requirements of leaders
  • How to identify and prioritise leadership competency gaps
  • Discussion on how to close key gaps
Delegates will discuss the importance of leadership framework components to their business success, the roles of leaders in the important components identified, how the leadership team members are performing and hence delegates will learn how to prioritise the most serious gaps in leadership competence. They will then discuss how these gaps might be closed through leadership development. The leadership competence assessment used will relate to both the short term success of the business and also the long term sustainability.

3.30pm Coffee

Practical Exercise / Group Discussion – Sharing of Ideas and Learnings

    • what were your learning needs?
    • what ideas came from the presentations and workshopping?
    • what ideas are coming from other seminar participants?
    • what actions will you take?
4.40pm Action Planning- what will delegates do when they return to their office
5.00pm Close
What’s included
  • Simulated benchmarking against real topics/ projects that will be facilitated to prioritise for action planning – global best practices in leadership and strategic planning will be communicated and discussed
  • Practical adaptation into the workplace when delegates return through action planning
  • Interactive sharing with other participants in an action packed comprehensive seminar
  • Harvesting BEST PRACTICES and 'Think-tank' discussion facilitated amongst delegates
  • 'Hands-on' learning through practical exercises
  • A comprehensive activity and reference workbook manual  issued for all delegates
  • Content expert–Bruce Searles and/or Anton Benc sharing real case studies, exercises across their vast experience (refer CV over)

Key Take–Aways for delegates
  • Comprehensive manual of all presentation materials, tools and templates that we will provide electronically for you to print
  • Completed competency assessment form to ensure learning growth throughout the day
  • Global best practice knowledge and slides in leadership and strategic planning
  • Example best practice leadership development framework models and core principles
  • Leadership of business excellence assessment framework
  • Leadership assessment process, tools and templates and maturity scales
  • Leadership competency gap analysis
  • Completed action planning template

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